10 Bad Girl And Good Girl Looks That Are Equally Hot

Growing up, when we read Archie Comics, we always thought that Veronica is the sexy one for being a bad girl, but that is a huge assumption. Truly, Betty, the good girl, is totally sexy too. Veronica wears more sensual clothes than Betty, more ostentatious accessories, and more pronounced black eye makeup. She’s so cool! But Archie tends to choose these women 50/50. Maybe he equally likes Betty’s unstyled ponytail, lack of casual cleavage, and her toothy smile. She’s so approachable! Is a good girl look just as sexy as a bad girl look? Is Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island just as sexy as Ginger? Explore the following bad girl and good girl looks and decide for yourself! 

The bad girl look is alluring in its bending of the rules in a flattering way. 

1. Black leather jacket


Go Grease Lightning! This classic bad boy look became a bad girl look along the way. A modern take with a cropped cut still encompasses all the scenes and musical connotations we cherish as bad: metal, goth, punk, emo, hipster, grunge, and more. With my black leather jacket, you can help me smile only on the inside!

2. Lightning earrings


Speaking of Grease Lightning! The bad girl energy is like powerful electricity, sending shock waves that break the monotony. Some people think that bad girls cause tension, but they actually break the tension, much like a thunderstorm breaks the humidity. Invite me to Thanksgiving to make it less boring!

3. Choker


I can’t tell you which choker to get, but here is an example of a simple one. Bad girls do like to send electric shock waves, but if you want to be a bad girl all the time, you won’t want to destroy people’s default faces, which will cause them to tell you to tone it down. Bad girls also don’t like antagonizing energy. At a concert, you can wear whatever you want. Even this simple choker, however, will draw attention to your neck and will make you hold your head higher. I love this confident girl! Paris Hilton has famously worn chokers.

4. Crop top


Speaking of antagonizing, crop tops can feel this way at times. And yet, we’re going to pair it with high waisted jeans, so no midriff is showing. A crop top like this black one is mostly simple, with some artistic details. Real bad girls are all about breaking artistic conventions and are against perfectionism. Notice how this top is a bit frumpy and ill-fitting. The top ties are semi-seductive, but not so overt it’s part of another scene.

5. High waisted jeans

Emery Rose

You’d think that a bad girl would be all about all black. However, blue jeans are a classic look—the original bad girl style. I know my bad girl history! This modern high waist is perfect for pairing with cropped shirts and is aesthetically pleasing in general. Bad girls aren’t just looking for attention without an artistic flair.

6. Black matte nail polish


Bad girls are all about not being perfectly “polished.” My bad girl girlfriend doesn’t care if I’m perfectly polished either! Try this black matte nail polish, which doesn’t have a glossy finish. It looks like a chalkboard. Stay in school, kids!

7. “Bad Girl” hat

Blue Banana

All you really needed was this hat! Now you can just stay in your covid sweats. A “Bad Girl” hat is for less informed people who don’t understand that you’re intentionally trying to look like a bad girl. Some people will just think that you have bad taste. I like a girl who just tells me what she is thinking! 

8. Maroon lipstick

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

A common misconception about bad girls is that they only wear black lipstick. However, that’s pretty goth. Not every bad girl is a goth, so we should leave some fashion just for them. Goths can get claustrophobic when tangential scenes invade their territory. This matte maroon lipstick is sultry without being black.

9. Black glitter eyeshadow


Bad girls like a little sparkle too! A lot of bad girls are very feminine. Feel like a bad girl fairy in this liquid black glitter eyeshadow. Now, even as you don’t smile, you light up the room with your makeup, sending unconventional positive vibes. Wear black glitter eyeshadow as Snooki has done! 

10. Clip-in bangs


With so much black, I suggest a burst of color with colorful clip-in bangs of any color of the rainbow. They’re easy, often very affordable, and dramatically change your look as you look for your next dramatic philosophy of life. Here is an equally dramatic streaky highlighted one, and based on the girl in the picture, they are a bad girl look indeed. Don’t worry about matching your natural hair color. Go wild! If a girl keeps changing her mind, let it be with clip-in bangs!

The good girl look is appealing to your feelings of comfort and the ability to comfort you. 

1. Mock turtleneck


A modern Sandra Dee! White is telling of innocence, purity, and classic maturity, as you probably have neat eating habits if it’s still white after lunch. The puff sleeve is fresh and on trend and very feminine. With that mock turtleneck, I don’t have to worry about my lady having a wardrobe malfunction! 

2. Sweater vest


Good girls are overtly scholastic, and this practical vest would go well with glasses. I can help you do your homework! Anything labeled as “cozy” is probably a good girl look.

3. Saddle shoes

Urban Outfitters

Seen in Gilmore Girls, on Sesame Street, and on Elaine in Seinfeld, these classic shoes from the 1940s were originally worn by schoolgirls. Good girls often do like a vintage style that makes their Nanna beam. I can’t wait for my girlfriend to meet my Nanna!

4. Sherpa jacket


Good girls love a soft hug! This sherpa jacket also has lapels, which make it look professional. Some good girls like looking professional at all times. This look is both professional and also playful. Good girls love being playful. 

5. Pink lipstick

Neogen Lab

This pink scarlet lipstick is barely there, but in being demure, it can hardly be ignored, just like a good girl! Good girls like looking like dolls sometimes, but they also like being treated very humanely. This lipstick is so fleshy, you know that the good girl wearing it will be treated with respect and dignity. Then she can be extra trusting. Good girls love being trusting! 

6. White corduroy pants


Good girls are often modest and yet comfortable with their bodies enough to wear white pants, even if they don’t have what society says is the perfect shape. Wearing corduroy makes women today feel like the lovable teddy bear, Corduroy.

7. Blush


Good girls need a good blush, and liquid blushes are said to hold their color longer and be more pronounced. Am I happy or am I embarrassed? Both are cute qualities! This baby pink hue is so cute you shouldn’t have to worry about matching it to your skin color. Just look like a child’s drawing! Good girls always remember their inner child. 

8. Olive wood necklace


Good girls of Judeo-Christian values will especially love olive wood jewelry, as it is made from a tree that is found in the Middle East, which is referenced in the Bible. Jewelry made of relatively inexpensive materials in general showcases your humility. 

9. Anything beret

Yes Style

Berets are for every day of the year! Berets come in every color of the rainbow. Good girls like expressing themselves and being the right kind of slightly bold at times as well! Berets help us to channel our inner Kate Middletons and make us aspire to be an even better good girl than Emily in Paris. 

10. White scrunchie


Good girls love being clean, and there’s nothing cleaner than a freshly washed white scrunchie in your hair. I recommend satin. Here is a pack that you can buy to share with all of your friends! Good girls love being overtly generous! My good-girl-styled partner is so overtly generous with me too!