10 Green Flags That Prove He’s Father Material

10 Green Flags That Prove He’s Father Material

He shows up whenever you need him.

You trust him. You can count on him. Whenever you need his help, he’s going to show up without grumbling or complaining or making you feel guilty. And he’s going to do the same for your child.  

He acts present whenever you’re in a room together.

He doesn’t make a habit out of staring at his phone, scrolling through Twitter or answering his email when you’re supposed to be on a date or enjoying a conversation. Which means he’ll be a present father, too. He’ll pay attention when it matters.

He accepts small mistakes.

He doesn’t have a huge temper that gets set off whenever the smallest thing goes wrong. He is able to roll with the punches. Which means he won’t explode when your child breaks something on accident or spits up all over him.

He shows interest in your interests.

Not everything needs to be about him and his needs. He’s happy making you happy, and he’s always willing to learn more about areas that he’s not as knowledgeable about. Which means he shouldn’t push his interests on your child. He should give them room to grow in whatever way makes them comfortable. 

He pays close attention when you speak.

He doesn’t need to be the loudest one in the room. And he doesn’t always need to be right. He’s happy to hear what other people have to say and always takes your opinion into consideration. Which means he won’t discount your child’s feelings either.

He puts just as much effort into the relationship as you do.

He doesn’t expect you to do the bulk of the work. He knows that a relationship requires teamwork and that you aren’t his parent. If he’s taking on responsibility now, chances are good that he’ll do the same as a father.

He takes care of you when you’re not feeling well.

He’s tender and caring. Whenever you need him, he’ll go above and beyond to take care of you. He would never leave you to fend for yourself when you’re struggling – and you don’t even have to ask. He’ll simply volunteer to help.

He is patient and flexible.

He doesn’t need life to go according to plan. When something goes wrong, he can come up with solutions to fix the problem – and he won’t judge. He’ll be someone your child can go to whenever they’re struggling without feeling like they’ll get in trouble or will be judged.

He is responsible in your relationship and with his work.

You can rely on him to keep his promises and follow through on his plans. He’ll make an excellent father because you won’t have to worry about whether he can handle the child on his own. He won’t need you around to get things done.

He is a work in progress and always tries his best.

He knows he isn’t perfect, but he acknowledges his flaws and works on them. He tries to be a good person. He is dedicated to doing the right thing, to being the best partner he can be – and soon, the best father he can be.