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10 People On What Happened After They Took Back An Unfaithful Partner

Could you take back a partner who was unfaithful? These 10 people did, and explain how it went after they took back a partner who cheated.

He continued to cheat.

He kept cheating until I told him he was allowed to sleep with her, she turned into his girlfriend while I was still in the wife role. Then it went farther and he asked if she could move in with us, he spent all his free time with her. I finally was able to leave him and he moved in with her, got married.

Found his Reddit profile recently and he posted looking for advice on his situation.. Turns out his new wife has a boyfriend on the side, she loves that guy more and wants him to move in to their house.

Karma truly stepped up there.


They refused to take accountability for their actions.

I did this twice. Two different men, two completely different backgrounds, but they both did the same thing: they refused any type of accountability. Cheaters will either make themselves the victim or hit you with the “let’s just put this behind us” bullshit. Then they cheat again. Don’t listen to these misogynistic “relationship gurus” telling you to forgive and guilt trip you into “keeping the family together”.


Attraction to the cheating partner disappeared.

I gradually lost all attraction to them. I couldn’t be intimate with them any longer because my body just didn’t desire them anymore. I felt so emotionally and physically disconnected. I tried to make it work for an entire year after taking them back. It felt SO good to finally walk away.


They ended up remaining faithful and it never happened again.

My partner never cheated again after confessing to me and we moved on. It doesn’t hurt me anymore to think or talk about it.


He cheated again (and got the other person pregnant).

He cheated again, got the other person pregnant, left me and proposed to her a few weeks later. He never bothered to file or even participate in the divorce process. So I had to file and pay for everything. We’ve been divorced for four years, and they’ve been married for three and now have three kids.


He regretted it deeply.

Things are going well. He regretted it hugely, I gave him a tough time for a while then decided to forgive and forget. Ten years later, we are great. Obviously I still have the moral high ground, which is nice, but the cheating never gets referred to. It was a long time ago and is entirely cancelled out by the many amazing things he’s done for me and my grown up children.


He’s now cheating on the person he cheated with.

I’ve been happily divorced for 3 years now. He never changed. Just got better at hiding it. Now he’s remarried and cheating on her.


They went to couple’s counseling and moved forward.

He went to therapy, we did couples therapy, and we moved on. It wasn’t a really big deal.


They left the cheater after the infidelity continued.

They continued, I left. And they’re still in the same place I left them in. A pure dumpster fire.


It was a wake-up call.

It was a huge wake-up call to us both that our marriage had begun a gradual slide to divorce years before. We worked on fixing ourselves (depression and other issues that we both brought into the relationship) and we had an agreement that if things weren’t better, we would divorce as friends. The first 6 months were rough and then things just started coming together again.

We still have some lingering security issues (not about cheating but wanting to stay married) but the big difference is we talk about them now. We’ve had a rough year so far due to outside factors and the stress has had a negative effect on our marriage. My husband suggested we go to counseling so this doesn’t get to the point where we’re headed to divorce again.

All in all, we’re best friends and enjoy spending time together.