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10 People On Whether They Believe In ‘Right Person, Wrong Time’

Is timing really everything? Or is it something we put far too much weight into? Here are 10 people on whether they believe in “right person, wrong time.”


Yup, I was that person. I met my fiance right after a bad break up. We went on four dates and I quickly realized I was not ready to date, so I let him know and ended it. Two years later after I had healed, I reached back out because I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and asked him to meet up. We’re getting married in January!



Yes. I just ended a relationship with a wonderful woman after seven months. We both agree that we are almost perfect matches for each other. The only problem is that at this point in her life she doesn’t have time for a romantic relationship. We both wanted it, and we were trying to make it work, but it became obvious I was going to be waiting years before I would move up her priority list. We’re both really sad, and I hope we’ll remain friends.



Right person wrong time is still the wrong person unless the right time presents later. Don’t wait for it though.



Dated someone for six months and then he broke up with me abruptly. He connected with me a year later to get back together. Six months later, he dumped me again.

It was life-altering pain at the time but I’m mostly over it these days. It did make me doubtful about if people can change over time.

Obvious exceptions would be deaths, careers, school, or anything temporary.



Yep. Definitely feel like I could’ve potentially matched better with people had I met them with more experience/relationship maturity early on and vice versa.



I ended things with a woman I probably should have married because of alcoholism, and major depression. 3 years later it’s too late for that to work out, but I’m ready for the next right person.



My partner and I talk about this a lot. We met when we were both in relatively good places and not hung up on anyone else. Might not have worked in years past.



In a way, yes, but also totally no. Let me explain myself. I believe that you can meet the right person that could be a potential of the right person. However, if it’s truly the right person then there’s no wrong time. I believe that the right person will show up and it’ll be the right time. I also believe in multiple soulmates or multiple partners that you can potentially have. So, sometimes, you come along the right person, and your story is only meant to be for a short time not forever does that mean wrong time? Not necessarily, it was still the right person at the right time, just not the expectation of a long withstanding relationship ever had the potentiality.



I do. I’ve gone through periods of being emotionally unavailable throughout my life for one reason or another, and the men I’ve met during those times often would’ve made great partners had my circumstances been right.



Yes, I also believe in wrong person, right time (i.e. not that it’s healthy or the right thing to do, but we overlook things in non-ideal partners because they’re hitting us at a vulnerable moment).