10 Reasons To Start Leaving Your Wedding Ring At Home

There’s probably nothing more exciting than the moment that you are surprised with a ring! There’s probably nothing more exciting than giving one as well. The engagement scene and the moments you exchange the rings on the wedding day are fraught with emotion and are representative of the most amplified feelings. The symbol of wearing marital rings is a reminder of this moment and a reminder of the promises that you have made at your wedding. Not wearing your rings is typically seen as a sign of potentially the worst things in life, like irresponsibility or infidelity. However, what if I just don’t feel like wearing my rings today? What if I like feeling my fleshy fingers instead of cold pieces of metal? What if my rings make it harder to do the dishes? What if I work with my hands? Read on to explore reasons to keep your wedding ring and engagement ring (if you’re a girl or feminist guy) inside of a nice jewelry box instead of on your ring finger!

1. Your rings have too much sentimental value and you don’t want to lose them.

All that emotion we were talking about? Those rings are too sacred to wear! If they’re in a wooden jewelry box, they’re still in your heart but off of your mind because you know that you’re not going to lose them. Do you remember that shower scene in the movie Apollo 13 that’s as scary as the shower scene in the movie Psycho? This will never happen to me anymore! Perhaps wear replicas of your rings. Or wear inexpensive alternative rings (like those comfortable rubber rings) on the correct finger to signify that you are married. Simple bands can be very approachable!

2. You and your partner don’t have to worry about replacing your rings if they get lost.

Honey, I lost the rings! Never again! In some circles in the past, each ring was supposed to cost three months’ salary. Think of what you could spend that money on instead! Take a second honeymoon! And then a third!

3. People won’t see you just as rich or poor.

Rings cost money, and often, when people can spend more money, they buy fancier rings. When people meet you and they see something platinum on your finger, they might start treating you or your husband like the Monopoly Guy. Much like George Costanza from Seinfeld, don’t you want to be a man (or woman) of the people? However, if you’re less well-off financially, you don’t want people to feel sympathy for you when they look at the plastic ring from the Cracker Jack box. Both expensive rings and inexpensive rings come with sociological problems, so leave those problematic pieces of metal (or plastic) in a metal (or plastic) jewelry box. Now nobody knows if I’m rich or poor at all!

4. Your family doesn’t have to worry about you losing Nanna’s ring.

Nanna’s ring never gets lost until it’s in your hands, potentially. Was Nanna more responsible? Did she always wear white gloves? How did she never lose her ring? It’s on you to never lose Nanna’s ring now! However, it’s too much pressure! Would one of my cousins be more responsible? I love my Nanna so much that I just want to keep her ring in a marble jewelry box. I want to make sure that I have it forever, just like my love for Nanna is forever.

5. By being responsible with your rings, you can give the originals to your grandbaby one day and start new family heirlooms.

Believe it or not, you will be the nanna one day! Your grandbaby will be so inspired by your century of responsibility. After you got married, you bought a velvet jewelry box and put your rings safely inside. It’s so hard to lose a jewelry box! And it’s too big for a baby to eat!

6. Not wearing rings might be good for a job interview, because the stranger you are meeting might not be married.

You can only make a first impression one time! You needn’t flash your tax status “success” at all times in life, especially when you’re looking for a W-2 tax form. Not wearing rings could show social and emotional intelligence in this situation by being hyper sensitive to this new person’s feelings. “That’s not all that I am, and that’s not all that you are,” you’re saying. You show that even though you are 100% committed to one person maritally, you still have room for more 100% commitments in your life.

7. It’s easier to work with your hands if you’re not wearing rings.

Whether a profession, chore, or hobby, things like cooking, cleaning, gardening, painting, and playing an instrument are all easier and perhaps more ergonomic without any rings on your finger. At the show, those band members maybe aren’t blowing you off just because they’re rude. Maybe they’re married and not wearing their wedding rings so they can really shred!

8. Without rings, you can hold your cell phone more naturally.

Even if you don’t have a profession or hobby that requires you to use your hands a lot, it’s still cumbersome to hold a cell phone with rings on. This is why today people don’t keep long fake nails on longer than it takes to snap a selfie for Instagram!

9. People probably know that you are married without you wearing any rings.

Do you have that married vibe? Most people in your life will just know that you’re married. Your partner knows that you’re married when you’re home together all day during covid. We all know that Justin Bieber is married. Your single friends know that you’re spoken for. Your girlfriends know that you have to take care of your honey when he is sick and that you will thus need a raincheck on girls’ night out. Honestly, if you don’t wear your wedding and engagement rings, probably only three people will hit on you per year, always at a hotel bar. You can politely let them know that you’re married verbally. They probably also sensed that you were married, and still would have hit on you if you were wearing your rings. Ew!

10. Don’t make unmarried women your age, or unmarried women of other ages, feel bad.

Something changes in a group of friends when the first one gets married. The first engagement ring clashes with the previous energy of the room. Don’t rub it in your girlfriends’ faces. Show them it wasn’t about the ring. It’s always so hard to be one wristband short of a full girls’ night out when her man has dysentery already! At least you know that when she’s back, she’ll be doing her full-on spirit fingers! “These are spirit fingers! And these are gold!”