10 Signs They're Stringing You Along (Based On Texts)

10 Signs They’re Stringing You Along (Based On Their Texts)

You can tell a lot about a person based on the way they text you, so don’t put that phone down. Here are a few signs they’ve been stringing you along:

They are vague when setting plans with you.

They claim that they miss you and talk about all the fun places they want to take you in the future – but they never name an exact time and place to meet because they don’t plan on following through and actually seeing you. Unless it’s at the last second. When it’s convenient for them.

They dodge topics whenever certain questions (or names) come up.

When you ask them about their history with a certain ex or whether they’re technically single, they don’t want to talk about it. They make a joke or switch topics, anything other than answering your questions straightforwardly.

They tease commitment – but won’t follow through on it.

They talk about how much they like you and how much you mean to them, but they won’t ask you to be their official partner. They aren’t ready for a relationship right now. But they keep hinting that they will be soon.

They’re treating others the same way on social media.

You’ve noticed that the cute compliments they text you and emojis they use are being used on other people, too. They’re openly flirting with others on social media, repeating the same exact tactics and phrases.

They only talk to you over text.

They never see you in person. They never even call you on the phone. The only time you talk is over text, even though you keep telling them that you want more than that.

They mainly want to talk about sex – and not emotions.

They’ll answer within seconds if you’re sexting them or sending pictures. But if you want to have a talk about where the relationship is going, they will take forever to respond. Or they’ll completely ignore you.

They disappear for long stretches of time.

Even though there are weeks when they can’t get enough of you, there are also weeks when they completely disappear. They won’t answer messages. They will be MIA. And when they come back, you won’t get an explanation, let alone an apology.

They typically text you after you post a cute selfie.

They forget about your existence for a while. Then they come around once they’re reminded how attractive you are. They’re coming back for your looks, not your personality.

They only text you when they’re drunk or high.

They never seem interested in speaking when they’re sober. The only time they reach out is when they’re out of it. When they have nothing better to do except hit on you.

They only want to talk when it works for them.

They get pissy if you don’t answer their texts in the middle of the night, but they won’t answer yours if you do the same. They’re hypocritical because they expect you to be there whenever they summon you, even though they aren’t willing to do the same for you.