10 Things To Do Instead Of Texting Your Ex

1. Take a walk. 

Obviously your mind is a little clouded if you’re even considering texting your ex. Take the time to actually think about why you would even want to text them. You already know that there’s no way that texting them will end in your favor. And if you didn’t already know that, let me be the first to tell you that nothing good can ever come from texting an ex.

2. Call up a friend. 

Spend your energy on someone who is actually worth your time. Maybe talk to them about why you’re wanting to text your ex. Or talking about anything else to keep your mind off your ex.

3. Write down what you would say, but don’t send it to them. 

This is always a great way to get your feelings out of your mind without someone else actually reading them. Write everything you would want to tell them—the memories, the pain, the anger. Write it all down. Whether it be written on paper or typed in the notes app on your phone, find a way to get those feelings out there.

4. Blast your music and dance around your room. 

No, that’s not something that only preteen girls do. It helps keep your mind occupied while having fun. Find your most upbeat playlist and crank the volume to max. Use your hairbrush as a microphone. Sing your heart out till you lose your voice. Dance and run around your room till your legs feel like jelly. Have the time of your life.

5. Draw how you feel. 

This is for the artists and the non-artists. Feeling nostalgic? Draw it. Feeling sad? Draw it. Feeling tired? Draw it. Draw your definition of your feelings. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look perfect. This art is for you and only you to understand. 

6. Take a drive. 

Drive anywhere. You don’t need a destination. Make the left turn down the backroad you’ve never driven before. Find new views. Discover new areas in your town or neighboring towns that you have never seen before.

7. Give yourself a makeover. 

You haven’t gone through your closet in months. Do you even know what you have in there? Take everything out of your closet and try everything on. Put together some cute outfits and maybe have a little photoshoot in your room. Make a pile of clothes you don’t want anymore or don’t fit and donate them. Style your hair differently. Dye your hair a different color. Get in touch with who you truly are.

8. Go on a hike or walk a trail. 

Find a trail that is away from traffic. The woods can be very peaceful when there’s no sounds of car horns blaring or people shouting from their car windows. The only sounds you hear are the leaves crunching under your feet and birds chirping. Take in the silence and allow yourself to be alone with your thoughts. 

9. Go shopping. 

Recreate your style. You’ve just gone through your closet and got rid of so many clothes. Is your wardrobe even your style anymore? Do you want to dress differently? A little less basic and a little more fun? Then do it. Who cares, you know? Get some clothes that make you happy and make you feel more you. 

10. Clean. 

You’ve gotten rid of old clothes, bought new clothes, maybe changed your hair up. The new you deserves a new space. Clean up your house. Reorganize your furniture and your decor. Make your space look unrecognizable while still maintaining it as being your personal little sanctuary.