10 Things You Start To Notice When You Have Your Shit Together

You’ll end most work days feeling as if they were productive. Even if you didn’t get everything done you expected or wanted to, you’ll notice a mild bout of confidence when you close your laptop at the end of the day.

Things will feel less complicated. Even when stuff goes wrong or you’re late on your rent or you spilled coffee all over your newly thrifted cream colored pants, you’ll handle it well. It won’t ruin your day or your week; you’ll have the emotional control to process it and move on.

At the end of every day, you’ll have a bit of free time to yourself. You’ll have a moment to sit on your own and process your day, what lies ahead for tomorrow, and check in with yourself for a moment. And you’ll actually be grateful for the silence.

You’ll spend more time alone. And you’ll enjoy it.

You won’t find it as hard to let people go. When someone isn’t fitting into your life anymore, and maybe you’re not fitting into theirs either, it won’t feel as devastating to move on from them. You might be sad for a little bit, but the day when you’re ‘over it’ will come so much quicker and so much cleaner.

You’re making healthy choices for yourself daily. Whether that be booking your next therapy appointment, meal prepping for the week, or getting in some type of physical exercise, you’ll make choices every day to put yourself first.

You don’t find yourself taking on people’s emotional baggage. You won’t feel the need to sponge up everyone else’s shit around you. You’ll know how to set those boundaries, but more importantly, you’ll have the confidence to keep them.

You are able to course correct at a faster pace. Instead of mentally jumping hoops and convincing yourself that someone ‘really meant this when they said this’, you’ll remind yourself that it’s actually none of your business what someone else thinks about you. You’ll redirect the thought and you’ll move on.

You won’t need to justify your decisions, whether that be a large purchase or what you chose to eat that day. Your choices are thought out ahead of time, and you’ve also stopped punishing yourself for wanting something just because.

You’ll notice you’re sitting up straighter, smiling more at strangers, and walking with your shoulders back and your head tall. One day, well into your journey, without anyone telling you, you’ll feel infinitely more put together, and that’s when you’ll know.