10 Tips For Building Energetic Boundaries And Protecting Your Inner Peace

To me, energetic boundaries extend beyond verbal and physical boundaries. They are subtle yet powerful, and they’re often unseen, yet clearly felt. They extend to what we absorb into our minds and hearts on a daily basis.

Here are 10 ways in which I clear my energy field and strengthen my energetic boundaries.

1. I curate my social media feeds. How does my body feel when I read certain posts? Do I feel drained? Does my body contract? Does it make me dislike myself? If so, I unfollow. And I keep following accounts which made me feel inspired, expansive, and fired up in a constructive way.

2. It’s the same with Netflix. If there is a show with lots of violence or very little positivity, I notice myself feeling very negative afterwards. So they have to go.

3. Friendships need auditing too. Unfortunately, I had quite a few friends who were all take and no give. I gave a lot of time and energy lifting them up, and they didn’t spend any time doing the same for me. After our interactions, I was completely drained while they were beaming. This also applied to people who spoke my ear off more than they genuinely listened to me. Those connections had to go, too. This wasn’t easy, but I found that some naturally started falling away as I began creating more boundaries.

4. Here’s a big one: family members. I put down firm boundaries with people who were highly critical, shaming, or abusive. For many of them, I resorted only to text-based conversations rather than phone or in person, therefore I was also in control of how much energy I was willing to tolerate and I wasn’t forced to respond. With some, I went no contact. I appreciate that this is a particularly difficult one, and it looks different for everyone.

5. If a family, friend, or romantic relationship has ended, I will clear, mute, or delete text or email threads with them. Conversations, words, and language carry energy and keep energetic ties going. If I wish to cut those cords with someone, I find this practice helpful as I don’t have to see these conversations in my inbox every day.

6. Minimizing exposure to externally stressful situations, such as large, loud crowds or any type of draining environments, prevents me from absorbing huge amounts of unwanted energy.

7. Clearing my physical space of unwanted items and excess clutter. Objects hold energy and can bring unwanted memories or reminders into our personal space.

8. Asking throughout the day, “Are these energies mine or someone else’s?” Often what we’re feeling isn’t actually our own emotions, but they belong to others. It’s important to keep that discernment going and imagine sending the energy back when needed or grounding it by sending it back into the Earth.

9. When showering, I imagine that the water is cleansing my aura and energetic field of other people’s energies, and I allow them to leave me and be grounded into the earth.

10. If I do want to share my energy to help others, I do it in ways which I am comfortable with. This includes social media posts, blogs, and my paid services, such as astrology readings or my book. With the last two, I receive energy back in the form of money, which helps to sustain and nourish me, as well as helping me feel valued.