10 Traits That Make Him A Horrible Long-Term Boyfriend

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10 Traits That Make Him A Horrible Long-Term Boyfriend

Argumentative. You don’t want to get into arguments every single day. Especially when they refuse to see your side of the situation, when they assume they know better, when they talk down to you like you’re stupid. Your partner should never make you feel inferior. They should treat you like an equal, respect your opinion, and value your contribution to the relationship.

Careless. If they aren’t able to show up to dates on time or remember important events, then they’re going to disappoint you again and again. You need someone who is mature and dependable, someone who takes responsibility for their actions and tries their hardest to do the right thing. If they couldn’t care less about anything other than themselves, then they’re only going to hurt you.

Unpredictable. Sometimes, unpredictability is exciting – but not when it means you don’t know when you’re going to hear from them again. Not when it means they might treat you like a princess or might treat you like trash. You want a partner you can trust, not one who makes you feel like you’re walking on eggshells.

Impatient. You need a partner who is going to let you move at a pace that makes you feel comfortable. They should never rush you or peer pressure you into doing what they want. They should never make you feel bad about how long it takes you to reach that next milestone with them.

Lazy. Your partner needs to put just as much effort into the relationship as you do. They need to do their fair share. You shouldn’t be the only one who is planning dates and completing chores. You should be contributing the same amount because it takes two people to make a relationship work.

Paranoid. You don’t want to date someone who accuses you of cheating when you haven’t done anything wrong, someone who assumes you’re lying when you’ve only been truthful. You need a partner who trusts you, who believes you without needing evidence that you’re telling the truth. There needs to be trust on both sides.

Dishonest. If they lie about the little things, you’ll never be able to trust that they’re telling the truth about the big things. You deserve a partner who’s honest and loyal, who tells the truth no matter how hard it feels.

Shallow. Your partner should love your personality, your laugh, your company. They shouldn’t be with you because of your looks and only your looks. A relationship won’t be able to exist on appearance alone. Not for long.

Ungrateful. You deserve someone who appreciates you, who thanks you when you do them favors and values the effort you put into the relationship. If they never even acknowledge your hard work, you’re going to grow to resent them eventually. You need someone who admires you and lets you know it.

Vindictive. In relationships, there are going to be arguments. You’re both going to make mistakes. You need someone who is willing to compromise with you and forgive you, not someone who is going to hold your errors over your head and try to get revenge. If you can’t move forward in a healthy way, you’re better off apart.