10 Ways To Switch Up Your Makeup Routine

Everybody loves a makeup routine, because then you don’t have to think about it! Moms in the ‘90s really liked makeup routines to be recognizable and to eventually look like they weren’t wearing makeup at all. “Let me put my face on,” they’d say when their husbands suggested eating dinner out. The only problem with your makeup routine was when your favorite raisin lipstick was discontinued! You’d show your last one sadly at the makeup counter and hold it next to their new inventory to see which one would match the closest. Some women swear by not having a makeup routine at all, maybe to avoid this heartbreak! In any event, whether you have a makeup routine or not, there are some basic guidelines you might always follow. So it is a routine, after all! Conventions, however, are made to be broken! Read on to delve into some methods of un-routine magic and see your face pleasantly transformed by switching it up!

1. Put colored powder in your eyebrows with your pencil.

For a long time, women have been filling in their eyebrows with a pencil. It’s good to keep your pencil color as consistent as possible so that you will be recognizable. However, switching it up with applying an eyebrow colored powder afterwards is fresh! Will I wear a darker powder with a darker shirt? Will I wear a brighter color on a sunny day? Now I’m touching just one finger to my eyebrow while thinking instead of running a finger over my entire eyebrow!

2. Wear a nontraditional blush color, like coral or reddish instead of pink.

Pink is the classic blush color that women reach for to look happy, excited, and healthy. However, switching it up with a less conventional color can look less neutral and a little exotic. A coral blush has some orange in it, and a reddish blush can be nice too. They do say “rosy cheeks,” and roses come in so many different colors besides pink!

3. Use lip liner.

Are lip liners so “another decade?” Maybe, but everybody has liked vintage stuff in the decades since then—for everything except for lip liner. Don’t let it feel left out! A lip liner can be close to your lipstick color or a color that is a world apart. Apply it to define the outside of your lipstick or even outside your lip line!

4. Wear brown mascara.

Everybody feels sexy in black mascara, but does it look too much like spiders? Little kids often think so. Switch it up with some brown mascara, as many people’s eyelashes are brown. Look more natural, demure, and humble in this earthy tone.

5. Comb your eyebrows.

Lots of women do their eyebrows, sometimes in multiple steps, but they leave this step out. Many makeup wands for combing your eyelashes after applying mascara also have a rectangular brush for combing your eyebrows. You needn’t just comb them with an eyebrow product! See how by simply combing out your eyebrows first, you might need less product altogether! 

6. Go for a nude lip color.

Nude lip colors are in a lot of celebrity looks, but people never notice them or wear them themselves because they don’t even notice other people wearing them. It can be very flattering! It can kind of end up looking like clay, and everybody thinks female potters are so sexy.

7. Blend your eyeshadow out to your eyebrow.

Everybody likes painting their eyeshadow onto their eyelids with absolute precision, but when you start walking around, and everybody wants to see it, you start tilting your head and your eyelids fall. By extending your eyeshadow color higher, you’ll be able to rest your head more comfortably on your neck.

8. Use highlighter on the tip of your nose.

We all like highlighter, but nobody knows where to put it! Where do I want the light to beam off of my face? To where do I want to draw the most attention of the entire makeup look? The tip of the nose doesn’t seem like a logical place, because it feels like it would look sweaty when we usually powder our noses, but it’s really cute. Obviously nobody sweats on the tip of their nose! Was I bobbing for apples? Did my nose go outside the edge of my umbrella? It highlights the gravitational center of your face and points where you are looking.

9. Wear a smaller false lash.

Women love a huge lash these days! Reality shows are all about women trying to outdo each other in the big lash department. After a while though it starts to look, besides competitive, very heavy, and it’s distracting for you and for your partner when you’re trying to create romance. Switch it up with a smaller lash to look more doe-eyed, innocent, and down-to-earth.

10. Try navy blue eyeliner instead of black.

Navy blue eyeliner seems dated, but Princess Diana wore it for a reason! It’s gorgeous. Black has the habit of recessing, but while navy blue gives us that dark smokiness we crave, it does anything but. It attracts attention to your eyes, sparkling your blue eyes. For brown eyes, it seems to ask, “Would I really be hotter with blue eyes or not?”