10 Women On The One Thing They Absolutely Cannot Tolerate In A Relationship

Here are 10 women on the one thing they absolutely cannot tolerate in a relationship.

Physical affection with the expectation that sex will follow.

Every single touch or affectionate action being a prelude to sex.


Having no emotional support outside of the relationship.

My partner having no emotional support network besides me.



Lying irritates me on so many levels coming from anyone, but the bottom line in a relationship is I either trust you or I don’t and if I don’t what’s even the point? I don’t have the energy or inclination to try to figure out if you’re lying so I’m just gonna assume you are and that’s the end of things.


No accountability.

Lack of accountability. I won’t tolerate being blamed because someone else doesn’t want to admit fault.


Being called a “bitch” during fights.

A lot of things, but one I’ve been called immature for is that I won’t tolerate getting called a bitch or any other insults like that during fights.

That’s just unnecessary and disrespectful, I can’t get over it, the relationship will be over as soon as that boundary is crossed.


Poor communication.

Lack of communication skills.


Constantly being on their phone or computer.

The other person always being on their phone or laptop even when you’re around.


A one-sided dynamic.

One-way show of affection. You can’t expect me to put you as my first priority, care for you, always be there for you and shower you with all the love I have to give without getting anything in return. I also need to be loved, cherished and cared for with the same amount I’m giving you.


Not putting in the effort and carrying the weight in the relationship.

Not carrying their weight. Whether it’s planning dates or doing chores, or just remembering the little things, if I notice my life is slowly becoming more work because of the relationship I have to leave.


Using the silent treatment.

Weaponizing the silent treatment in disagreements. I need communication. It’s fine if they need space, but shutting me out just because it hurts me is a no-go.