10 Women On What They Love About Falling Asleep Next To Their Partner

Falling asleep next to a partner can be one of the most romantic parts of being in a relationship. Here are 10 women on what they love about falling asleep next to their significant other.

When he pulls her closer in his sleep.

Him pulling me closer. The other night when I was sick, I woke up and his face was nestled into my neck and he was holding me. He pulls me in a lot when he’s sleeping. He says he doesn’t remember doing it most of the time. It’s the best feeling in the world.


The comfort of his presence.

Feeling his weight on the bed next to me and the furnace of his body heat is very comforting. I can’t sleep when being cuddled but if I wake up in the middle of the night I’ll gently scratch his back or he’ll do the same as a little reminder that the other is there.


The fact that he’s the first person she sees in the morning.

The fact that his is the first (human) face I see when I wake up in the morning.

I specified “human” because we have two cats who wake me up at ungodly hours (very early morning, sometimes pre-dawn) for food.


A sense of safety.

Besides the obvious (cuddling) I just feel safer. It isn’t that I feel that he would protect me in a fight or something, it just feels calming and safe to have his presence around.


Listening to his heartbeat.

I love listening to his heartbeat, it’s very relaxing.


The feeling of home.

That feeling of home. Not the walls around me or the bed, it’s him and I’m home. Where I am supported and loved, where I can expose my most sensitive self and all my fears, and he’s there to go through it all with me. This is someone who’s seen me at my worst and watched me age but in one kiss….it’s 20+ years ago and I’m his hot chick he’s got the hots for 😆 silly I know. But He’s the only one that makes me feel that way. Glad I still feel the same about him.


The calmness of his breathing.

I enjoy the sleepy mumbles he gets as he drifts off to sleep, and then his calm breathing against my ear as we snuggle up together. I also love how my head fits right into the place where his arm and shoulder meet, making him the perfect pillow.


His ability to fall asleep quickly.

He falls asleep incredibly fast and I always struggle to. But once I can tell he’s totally sleep and feel his breathing slow it kinda just puts me at ease and knocks me out too. I fall asleep so much better when he’s with me.


Waking up next to him.

Just knowing he is there is comforting. I love falling asleep next to him, some nights he rubs my back until I pass out. I am a sucker for that. Waking up next to him is my favorite though. He always grabs my hand and says “I love you”, then kisses me. Always makes my day.


Almost always touching.

That we’re almost always touching. Whether it’s cuddling or just our feet touching. And how easy it is falling asleep next to him