11 Fun Things To Do With Your Beloved Cat

Adopting a cat is a very big decision. Then, once you bring them home and put them in their crib to go to sleep for the first time, you might feel a little overwhelmed with what to do with them first after they wake up. No longer! These top 11 to-do’s of fun things to do with your beloved kitty cat are just meant as a starter kit to inspire you even more.

1. Give them nicknames.

Sure they have a given name. But this is just a stepping off point to the 5,000 nicknames you will give them over the course of their life. A great way to start their nickname journey is to call them by the first letter of their name. Freddie becomes “F.” Then “F” becomes “F student.” Then, “Mr. Fails-a-lot.” Also, “The Fredster,” “Fredelicious,” and “Freddie-not-Eddie.”

2. Kiss them with your finger.

Cats can be shy about a real kiss, and maybe so are you. So take your pointer finger, touch it to the top of their head, or “keppie” as we say in Yiddish, and make a kissing noise.

3. Kiss them with your finger in the air.

Don’t feel like leaning down right now with a beverage in your hand? Close one eye, aim your pointer finger visually onto their keppie, and make a kissing noise.

4. Give them a rubdown.

There are two kinds of cats—cats that like being rubbed down like a piece of meat and cats that aren’t used to it yet. Start small with the latter by ever-so-gently touching them to slowly gain their trust over time, remembering that no means no, if it comes to that. In a while, you’ll be rubbing them down like a doggie.

5. Show them your cell phone screen.

Cats are curious about what you’re looking at on your phone. If you get a funny text from a friend, it’s rude to laugh and not flip the screen to your cat to let them know what’s going on. They also like it when you announce who’s coming over.

6. Only take one picture of them a day.

A lot of cats really like the camera, but one picture a day is a good maximum. Cats like relaxing more than having their picture taken. Just know that as soon as you take that one picture, they will then pose in the cutest position of all time. It’s just for you, though.

7. Let them know what kind of wet food they’re about to get.

Wet food cans have a flavor on the label, so make sure to read it to them. Country Style Dinner they would like to mentally prepare for for a few seconds before it is spooned into their bowls. Also, Mariner’s Catch.

8. Cheek scratch.

Cats adore a cheek scratch. They never seem to do this on TV! What, are cats so itchy there? Are they allergic to cats? Nobody knows why, but also once you learn you stop caring and start scratching until you forget it’s weird.

9. Give them their own unique form of what’s up.

Cats like a good “What’s up?” but it can sound a little unpersonalized for them at times. “What’s Freddening?” could suffice.

10. Let them smell your food twice.

Whether or not you feed your cat bits of “people food” is up to you and your vet, but I find cats almost even prefer just smelling your food. Twice. And then they understand that it’s for you. It’s like they’re just curious for the experience, but not hungry for it.

11. Tell them that daddy/mommy loves them.

Whether or not your cat is an outdoor cat or not is up to you and your vet, but every time you let them out, it’s good to call loudly, “Mommy loves you!” so everybody in the neighborhood, including all of the animals, know that your kitty is a momma’s boy. With all of your ideas, and maybe some of these too, they definitely will be.