12 Ways To Make Her Feel Loved, Valued, And Appreciated
Andrew Rivera

12 Ways To Make A Girl Feel Admired, Acknowledged, And Appreciated

Text her to check in on her throughout the day. Let her know that you’re thinking of her, that you miss her, that you can’t wait to see her again. Make it clear that she’s always on your mind, that you don’t want anyone other than her.

Compliment her (about different aspects). Make sure you compliment her looks and her personality, her smile and her laugh. Let her know that you love every little piece of her, not just the obvious parts.

Ask for her opinion before making big decisions. Remember that you’re a team. Her opinion matters. Ask her what she thinks and take her thoughts into consideration. Make sure she feels heard. Make sure she feels seen.

Be present during your dates. When you’re in the room with her, don’t stare at your phone. Don’t ignore her when she’s right next to you. Act present and enjoy the moment. Make it clear that you enjoy spending time with her, so she doesn’t feel like you’re a million miles away.

Remind her that you love her. Even though she should already know how you feel, it doesn’t hurt to say the words aloud again. Reassure her that nothing has changed, that you’re still madly in love with her, that you aren’t going anywhere.

Set aside time for her. Even if your schedule is busy, try to find time to hang out with her, to eat with her, or to at least talk on the phone with her. Never let too much time pass without spending some quality time together.

Pull your weight in the relationship. Don’t rely on her to do all the chores, plan all the dates, or carry all the conversations. Make sure you’re doing your fair share. Contribute in any way you can so she doesn’t feel like you’re taking advantage of her kindness.

Thank her when she does something sweet. Even if she’s always the one who does the dishes, thank her for the help. Don’t let her hard work go unappreciated. Let her know that you see how much she’s doing and are grateful to have her on your side.

Keep her in the loop. She shouldn’t be hearing good or bad news from your friends. She should be hearing it directly from you. You should keep her informed of what’s going on in your life and how you’re feeling on a day-to-day basis. Stay honest and open, no matter what.

Be affectionate. Hold her hand. Play with her hair. Cuddle with her. Make sure she feels loved (and not only when you’re looking to get intimate with her).

Listen closely when she speaks. Don’t nod along and say what you think she wants to hear. Actually pay attention when she speaks. Even better, remember the little things she says. Make it clear that you care about what she cares about.

Keep putting in effort. Don’t get lazy after you’ve been together for a while. Continue putting effort into making her smile, into making the relationship strong. Don’t neglect her because you’ve gotten used to her. Treat her the same way you did early on in the relationship.