15 Morning Affirmations For When You Had A Terrible Yesterday

1. Today is a new day, and I’m allowed to start again.

2. Yesterday was terrible, but that doesn’t mean that today has to follow suit. I’m allowed to change my mood, my mind, and my actions from now on.

3. Terrible days do not equate to a terrible life, nor do they make me a terrible person. 

4. My “to-do” list might not get finished today, so instead of berating myself for what’s left, I’ll celebrate what I have completed.

5. I get to choose how I use the seconds, minutes, and hours that stretch before me.

6. I get to choose whether or not I carry the pain, sadness, or failures of yesterday with me. I get to decide if I want to put them down, too. The choice is mine, and it always has been.

7. Failure is part of life–it’s part of learning and growing and living. 

8. Just because I failed yesterday does not mean that I will fail today. The trick with failure is learning from it, not obsessing over it. It’s okay to give myself some grace in the process.

9. Productivity is a worthy goal, but I’m not a machine, so I must remember to give myself the things I need to thrive–water, rest, food that nourishes my body, and whatever feeds my soul.

10. I am more than the numbers on my paycheck.

11. I am more than my title at work.

12. I am more than my worst days—and my best. 

13. I am not one thing.

14. I’m allowed to try, and fail, and try again. 

15. Even though I had a terrible day yesterday, I’m allowed to have a good day today. I’m allowed to have a good day tomorrow as well. I don’t have to let the mishaps of yesterday dictate the rest of my days, and as night falls, I will allow myself to wish on the stars. Because I still deserve wishes, too.