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15 People On The Harsh Dating Realities Everyone Needs To Accept

Modern dating. It’s brutal out there. To date successfully means you must have a thick skin while also opening up your heart. It’s a difficult balance to strike. There are also a number of other tough pills to swallow about modern dating that many people don’t like at all. Here are 15 people on the harsh dating realities many people struggle to accept.

Sometimes, love will not be enough to make a relationship last.

Love is NOT always enough. There’s so much more that goes into compatability than just love but we have this idea ingrained in us young that as long as there is love you will find a way. This is false. Sometimes incompatibilities are to big and no amount of love in the world will make that okay.


Politeness does not equal flirtation.

Just because someone is polite to you doesn’t mean they’re into you romantically.


The people you date often won’t have the emotional intelligence to keep you.

A lot of people don’t have the emotional intelligence that is needed to hold a relationship down even if they were able to get one.


A relationship that ends wasn’t a waste.

You may meet people that seem like a good fit and vice versa. Most relationships won’t go anywhere and end. Doesn’t mean they were a waste though.


A “perfect partner” does not exist.

Maybe it’s because I’m still young but I think most people’s idea of their “perfect partner” will never exist. There is no human out there that will fill all your expectations and needs. A relationship is a connection you build and work on over time, like building puzzle pieces that are missing, and not puzzle pieces that fall in place. That’s been my experience so far.


You need to be patient.

Finding the right partner may involve being patient. You don’t have to chase him/her down the first second you see them and then break up after two weeks because it doesn’t go quick enough. Sometimes you have to take your time and grow together.


Some people end up single.

Not everyone is going to find someone it’s sad but true.


Dating apps are shallow by design

Many people on dating apps have a preference and there are certain groups of people who struggle more than others. At first, people always value looks over personality.


Success dating is not indicitive of your worth as a person.

I repeat for the folks in the back:



A lot of people aren’t actually ready to date.

Most people are not ready to date.


The person you see as a perfect fit will rarely feel the same way about you.

The person who you see as perfect for you, will rarely see you as perfect for them.


Dating reveals both the hardest and most wonderful facets of being human.

There’s so many. Dating/love highlights everything amazing about the human experience but also expose everything absolutely horrible about it.


Relationships can’t be forced into working.

You can’t force a relationship. It’s should work on paper, yet for some reason it doesn’t. It’s hard to admit when it’s not working with a good person.


You are not for everyone.

Some people simply won’t like you. This goes wayyyyy beyond dating. It’s life. Learn, love, and move on.


Not everyone finds love young.

You probably won’t find and keep the right partner until you are 25+. It is possible but you have to be smart about dating, intentional, and well put together. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen by then.