17 People Post About The Time THEY Were The Dating Horror Story

“I Spent The Entire Evening Talking About My Ex”

“I had recently broken up with a guy who I was convinced was my true love. An acquaintance asked me out to dinner and I reluctantly accepted, although I wasn’t interested. This poor guy picked me up and was so nice and kind as I spent the entire evening talking about my ex and how much I loved and missed him. I couldn’t stop!” —u/Itsjustmeagainmom

“I Shit And Puked In Her House For A Full 24 Hours”

“I shit and puked in her house for a full 24 hours before I could muster up the energy and courage to take the 15-minute voyage home to my sanctuary of safety and acceptance. Oh, and she lived at her mom’s house! So that’s the story of how I first met my mother-in-law.” —u/NashsterChief

“I Was Born Without A Sense of Smell”

“I was born without a sense of smell….I walked her out to my car, opened and closed the door for her and started around to the driver’s side when she jumped out of the car and ran inside w/o saying a word….I looked around and found the half-carton of unfinished lunch milk that had spilled on the floor in the back seat a few days prior.” —u/trackedonwire

“I Think She Thought We Were More Serious”

“Was seeing this girl, I think she thought we were more serious than I thought we were. One day I was walking out of a building on campus, with another female friend of mine and talking to her. This girl I had been seeing walked past us and said hi, but I didn’t notice her until the last minute, so it was a quick ‘oh, hi’ and kept going….Didn’t realize until later how bad that looked.” —u/ime_wasting_student

“I COULD NOT Stop Spitting Fucking Food Everywhere”

“I was on a first and only date with a dude. I was nervous, so I overshared some crazy shit about my family’s history. Then, during dinner I COULD NOT stop spitting fucking food everywhere.” —u/faceboobs701

“I Take His Hand, Thinking He Was Offering It”

“I was very nervous and excited for this date and I was definitely the horror….So he opened the door for me and I take his hand, thinking he was offering it. He wasn’t. So he has this rambling-about-horror-movies, intense-as-fuck girl, getting too close and holding his hand.” —u/RuyiJade

“One Of The Structures I Ended Up Making Looked Like A Swastika”

“I joined them for board game night. I have ADHD so instead of focusing on the game, I was stacking up the little pieces. Well. One of the structures I ended up making looked like a swastika, and two of her friends were German and got offended at it.” —u/Waytoomanyregrets

“Stop Calling, Please”

“I went out on a couple of dates with a guy and thought things were going okay….But then I called one day and my call went straight to voicemail. So, I kept calling….Then I actually heard this voicemail when it said: ‘[My name], stop calling please.’” —u/YEGMusic43

“I Was That Absolutely Batshit Chick Who Has Fucking HAMSTERS Running Amok”

“Had a dude over and we were on the floor just regular style making out. Nothing bananas or weird. But the hamster. It was out. I forgot. It climbed up on his back. And suddenly I was that absolutely batshit chick who has fucking HAMSTERS running amok.” —u/Ok-Establishment-588

“I Didn’t Realize It Was A Date And Brought My Kid”

“I didn’t realize it was a date and brought my kid….In my defense we were part of the same friend group and he asked me to dinner, I thought as a friend. When my sitter fell through I figured I’d just bring my kid. Did not realize it was a date till he paid for us at the end.” —u/eelzelton

“I Was Either Talking About My Ex, Crying, Or It Was Complete Silence”

“I agreed to a date way too soon after a fairly sudden and traumatic breakup….I didn’t have much else on my mind or going on in my life at the time, so the entire two-hour car ride to a nice restaurant in the nearest city and back was either talking about my ex, crying, or complete silence.” —u/maepricot

“I Asked Her Why A Blind Kid Would Want A Birdhouse”

“She said she couldn’t meet up over the weekend because her church was building birdhouses for blind children….I asked her why a blind kid would want a birdhouse….She got miffed and said they like to listen to the birds.” —u/Deadlifts_n_Riffs

“I Broke Up With Him Immediately And Started Going Out With The New Guy”

“I once dated a friend purely because I was lonely at the time….It lasted two weeks, and then I found someone I was actually attracted to. I broke up with him immediately and started going out with the new guy right away….I’m not proud of it.” —u/DontDefineMeAsshole

“Told A Flat-Chested Girl A Joke About How Men Love Big Boobs”

“Told a flat-chested girl a joke about how men love big boobs. Think I was in until that.” —u/yuuxy

“I Cooked Only Myself Some Pasta”

“I was just generally inconsiderate and selfish. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I asked if she was hungry to which she responded yes. Totally thought she was going to order food for takeout while I cooked only myself some pasta.” —u/sillywilly1737

“He Looked Like A Kicked Puppy”

“I was three weeks out of an abusive marriage and, as an absolute mess, was leaning heavily on a good friend of mine. He was 8 years younger than me, super hot, a total flirt and a bit of a cock mobster so I had absolutely no idea he was into me. One afternoon, we were hanging out and I was talking about how when I was younger, it was a running joke that I’d always be into the tallest guy in the room. His response was, semi joking, “why are you dating me?”. I unfortunately replied, “but we’re not dating”. He looked like a kicked puppy.” —u/shmooboorpoo

“I Shit Myself On A First Date”

“I shit myself on a first date. I thought it was a fart but it……wasn’t….Luckily I was in the bathroom at the time so was able to do some cleanup….Walked back into the bar with the confident swagger of a man in control over his own bowel movements.” —u/massivebumwizard