17 Women Describe Things That Are Not Nearly As ‘Manly’ As Guys Think They Are

Guys, take note: there are certain “manly” behaviors that are definitely not as masculine as you may think. From bragging about your ability to drink copious amounts of booze to taking far too many shirtless mirror selfies, these are some of the things that show how fragile your masculinity probably is.

Here are 17 women on the “manly” things guys do that really aren’t that manly at all.

Avoiding foods and drinks they consider “girly”

Avoiding ‘girly’ food and drinks. If eating a crepe threatens your manliness, your masculinity is too fragile!


Ignoring physical pain

Not going to the doctor when you need to go to the doctor. Walking around the house, complaining about every little symptom but not actually trying to resolve your illness? Nothing manly about that. Ignoring dangerous symptoms that could cause long-term harm to you? That doesn’t get my motor running.


Being intolerant

Being intolerant, especially homophobic. Just because a guy is gay doesn’t mean he wants to have sex with you, dude.


Becoming defensive when criticized

Getting defensive when someone gives them any kind of criticism.


Bragging about money

Bragging about wealth. It’s very lame when you hear a dude bragging about being ‘upper middle class.’ Especially when they’re just the typical broke college student pretending for attention.


Arguing for the sake of arguing

When they argue over something they don’t know about… I don’t understand how can they sound so confident even if they have no clue, and it makes them look dumb AND stubborn


Being emotionally closed off

Not doing the emotional labor in a relationship. Any relationship – romantic, family, friends. It’s not cool to be emotionally distant and not show people that you care about them. So many men think it’s a woman’s job to remember birthdays, give support when someone needs to vent, etc. Like, no, you want to have someone in your life? You care about them? Treat them like it. It won’t make you less of a man to pat someone on the back when they’re feeling down.


Refusing to be wrong (even if he clearly is)

Never admitting a mistake.


Acting angry all the time

Being that angry guy. Adults need to have more control of their emotions than toddlers do.


Treating their partner poorly in front of others

Guys who treat their girl like shit in front of people to show that they are ‘the man’ in the relationship. It always makes me think that in private, they must be very insecure about their masculinity.

I find gentle and affectionate men to be the manliest ones.


Dismissing mental health as important

Any guy who shits on mental health or going to therapy.


Bragging about how much they can drink

Boasting about how much alcohol they can drink and how often.


Being unable to perform basic life skills

Not being able to do basic adult things like cooking and cleaning. A lot of guys seem to think domestic tasks are feminine and should be left to women, but not being able to take care of yourself makes you look incompetent, not manly.


Policing other men’s “manliness”

Generally, policing other men’s ‘manliness’. Thinking of a time a guy tried the ‘that’s a girly drink!’ shame on a friend. Friend pointed out that as a MAN, he’d drink whatever he liked and dude could piss off.

Idiot guy was laughed at so hard by our group he left the bar.



Whistling or honking at us. It’s not attractive or complimentary. It’s creepy.


Being proud of never reading

Dated a guy who bragged about never reading. He thought it (*reading) was ‘nerdy’. No you’re just being immature. Same guy also did crazy stupid stunts, which could seriously endanger his life (like climb to the forth floor balcony on the outside of the apartment-complex, just because).


Trying too hard to be “manly”

Thinking they have to be manly. Just be yourself. All that other shit is fake and dumb. People are people, be one not some artificial stereotype. The best guys I have ever known didn’t play the ‘manly’ game.