19 Women Describe Some Of The 'Girl Code' Unwritten Rules That They Always Follow

19 Women Describe Some Of The ‘Girl Code’ Unwritten Rules That They Always Follow

Women have to look out for other women. There’s no reason to see each other as competition because we should be propping each other up, not tearing each other apart. Here are some unwritten rules of girl code that every woman should remember to follow:

Point Out Small Wardrobe Malfunctions

“If something is fixable within five minutes (make-up, something stuck in teeth, small things on appearance) you tell her and help her if needed. If it isn’t fixable on the spot, you keep your mouth shut and ESPECIALLY don’t point it out to others.” — PenguinsOnAWire

Share Your Hair Ties

“If I hear a girl say she needs a hair tie I will immediately hand one over, even if I’ll only have one left for myself.” — mcrandk

Affirm Her Pain

“I personally am big on affirming other women when they talk about pain they experience, especially physical pain. Examples: cramps, migraines, pain during sex, or honestly any other physical pain.” — allthebacon_and_eggs

Tell Them Where You Bought Everything

“If someone sincerely compliments you on your lipstick shade or shoes, etc, share the brand and where you got it. It’s not like Mac or H&M or whoever made one for just you, girl. Let’s all shine!” — cherry_chica

Help Her Out Of Uncomfortable Situations

“If you see another girl in an uncomfortable situation, you try to get her out of there or at least let her know that you got her back. I’ve done it for everyone, from my sister, to my friends to my friend’s moms. One time at a school event, my best friend’s mom somehow ended getting an unsolicited massage from another parent with boundary issues and I quickly made an excuse up that I needed help at the concession stand. No one is too old or too young to do this!” — unicornmarket

Ask Why She’s Crying

“If you see another girl crying in the bathroom of the bar/club/venue you’re at, you ask what’s wrong and try to help.” — Mahatma_Panda

Compliment Her Pockets

“If a girl has pockets in her dress, you must always compliment her on the pockets on her dress so she had stick her hands in them and model them for a minute.” — semma333

Keep It Positive

“When another girl asks how she looks, if you have something negative to point out do it gently and follow up with at least one or more positive.” — harmonica16

Share Your Tampons

“If you have a tampon or pad to spare and someone needs it, even if it’s someone you hate, offer it to them.” — Mahatma_Panda

Hug Her Carefully

“When you hug another girl, you always try to slot the boobs by going slightly to the side so that you don’t just mash your chests together and hurt someone.” — unicornmarket

Subtly Mention Blood Stains

“If another lady walks past and you notice a blood stain on the back of their pants/skirt – tell them, but do it discreetly. Recently noticed a passenger had a spot on her pants. Wrote her a note and slipped it to her as I was collecting trash from the carriage. Half hour later, I see her again and she has a different change of pants on. She was super thankful.” — chillyfeets

Tell On Bad Partners

“If you know that a friend’s boyfriend/fiance/husband doing shady, skeezy shit, you tell that friend right away.” — Mahatma_Panda

Go To The Bathroom Together

“Women just know to go to the bathroom together. For opinions on appearance, to gossip briefly, or just for safety reasons.” — kellan1523

Never Ask About Her Pregnancy

“Never ask a woman if she’s pregnant, even if she’s 8 1/2 months in and ready to pop.” — laurabean326

Treat Your Friends

“Be generous with your closest friends. Buy them an occasional beer or their favorite soft drink without ‘keeping score’ of whose turn it is to pay.” — Back2Bach

Keep Men Away

“If a girl throws up or passes out from drinking, no guy will touch her. Even if it means I have to glue myself to her for the rest of the night.” — SophiePanda777

Never Insult Other Girls

“I try to never put down other girls or let dudes put women down as a way of complimenting me. Shaming and internally-directed misogyny is so harmful.” — [deleted]

Protect Her Perm

“I only had one chance to exercise this girl code rule, but once, I was passing a girl in the lobby of a building and she told me that she had just gotten a straight perm and was waiting for the rain to pass before she went outside so I let her share my umbrella for 4-5 blocks while we walked to a bus stop together. I would do that for any woman if it happened again. (Perms are $200+, can take up to 3 hours and are ruined if you get them wet within 48 hours of having the procedure done).” — Book_1love

Exes Are Off-Limits

“In most cases, don’t date your friend’s ex.” Lamb_x