2 Zodiacs Who Need Their Friends To Check In On Them This Weekend (December 8-10)

We are currently in the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde (December 13th), which is a time of chaos, inconvenience, delays, and miscommunication. Not only that, but we are also in the shadow period of the New Moon in Sagittarius (December 12th), which is a time of self-reflection and re-evaluation. Overall, this month is going to be incredibly overwhelming for some signs.

These are the zodiac signs who will need their friends to check in on them this weekend:


This New Moon and Mercury Retrograde energy is overwhelming for you. You have to remember that although it’s difficult to cut ties with people, it’s important to set boundaries. This weekend, you want your friends to check in on you because you need to see who cares about you. You want to see who puts in enough effort to be a good friend to you.


Thanks to the Retrograde energy, you’re doing a lot of intense introspection during this time, mostly thinking of ways to improve yourself. That’s great and all, but you tend to be a bit too hard on yourself and your accomplishments. Stop that! Give yourself grace. You know you secretly want your friends to check in on you, so let them. It’s okay to lean on them for positive reinforcement.