Jenny Woods

2 Zodiacs With A Weak Connection To Their Guardian Angel

Every zodiac sign is protected by a guardian angel. Some zodiac signs have a stronger connection to their guardian angels than others and some have weaker connections:


You are a confident, hotheaded, courageous, and steadfast individual. You’re more about action and movement than ideas. It’s hard for you to believe a higher power is guiding you–you believe that you’re moving through life all on your own. And that is simply not true.

You are protected by Archangel Michael, the “Great Defender.” Much like him, you are a natural-born fighter, protector, and leader. If you want to cultivate immense strength and bravery, you need to connect with your guardian angel.


Being the practical, analytical realist that you are, you’re not really a spiritual person. You often forget that you have guardian angels guiding and protecting you. It isn’t until something happens that rocks your world that you feel called to spirituality, but even then, you don’t really trust them.

Your guardian angel is Azrael, the misunderstood angel of death. This angel, much like you, radiates wisdom. You’re both more practical and efficient than emotional–you help people accept their current reality through a wise and gentle approach.