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22 People Say What They Think The Sexiest Thing The Opposite Sex Does Without Realizing It

1. Doing Cute Things Alone

When my hubby is doing cute things on his own. Sometimes I’ll catch him sitting on a chair, swinging his feet, and whistling while looking outside at all the birds in the trees. Moments like that just make me fall in love all over again and it’s so sexy.


2. The Boob Bump

Not the sexiest, but the most oblivious. Standing next to me to show me something and bumping their boob into my elbow and leaving it there.

Yes, sadly I know they weren’t flirting/hitting on me, just apparently oblivious.


3. Tip Toes

When a woman gets up onto the tips of hers toes to reach for something, even when it’s not completely necessary.


4. Shirtless

I love when my bf only wears jeans and is still looking for a shirt.. For me, just leave it like that.. no shirts ever!


5. Taking Off The Tie

Taking off their ties. Mphf. I don’t even know what it is about it.. but dayum.


6. That Stance

When girls stand so that they sort of lean on their hip and stick it out to the side a bit, I don’t know what it is, but that’s always been sexy for me.


7. The Bra Trick

Haven’t seen it on here, but I love it when a girl takes off her bra under her shirt. First of all it’s like a magic trick, plus bralessness.


8. When She Wears Your Shirt

When a girl is wearing your shirt or t-shirt… Or walking bare foot…daaamn thats sexy…


9. Good With Kids

When guys are nice to little kids. It makes me see them in a whole different light.


10. Animal Lovers

When a guy is nice to animals. When my SO strokes the cat when he’s on the phone I melt a bit. Or when you see a strong looking man holding a baby.


11. Choreplay

Whenever I do work around the house, my wife gets horny. She calls it “choreplay.”


12. Jumping Into Her Jeans

My girlfriend does these hops when she’s trying to get into her tight jeans. Hilarious and makes me want to tear them right off.


13. Smile and Blushes

When a woman does a nervous, shy or coy smile and blushes, that is one of the sexiest things ever.


14. That Outfit

My wife’s favorite outfit to wear around the house when its cold out is thigh high socks, cute underwear and a top with no bra. Drives me nuts every time.


15. Just an Apron

My wife got up real early to make muffins for my birthday. The smell woke me up too and I found her wearing an apron in the kitchen. Only an apron.


16. Stroking the Keys

Playing the piano. For any gender. Watching my boyfriend play is amazing.

The way he strokes the keys, the look of concentration on his face, and the music… Jesus fuck it’s hot. It also makes me really emotional.

I just want him to shove me against the piano and fuck me with those beautiful fingers wrapped around my throat. But I also don’t want to interrupt the wonderful moment, so I just watch and think about how much I love him.


17. Video Game Faces

Dudes make total sex face whilst playing video games! Goofy and sexy.


18. A Suit or Uniform

When a guy dresses up in a suit or uniform. Holy crap men, if you knew how much more sexy women find you you are when you don’t just roll out of bed and pull on whatever’s lying on the floor you would do it WAY more often.


19. A Bit Specific

Eating a popsicle while riding an electric bull on it’s lowest setting.


20. A Man Who Cooks

Cooking. Ungh. A man who can cook = panty dropper.


21. Hair Twister

When a girl is working on something tough and absent-mindedly twirls her hair.


22. Dark Humor

I like me a girl with a rude/foul sense of humor.