20 People Who Survived Murder Attempts Describe What Happened

It’s hard to think of worse luck than having someone trying to murder you. Then again, it’s difficult to think of better luck than surviving to tell the story. These people were all brought to the brink of death and then somehow were able to pull back and live another day. All have bad memories. Some have permanent disfigurement. But they all probably realize the value of life more than most people do.

“When I Came To, He Was Sitting On The Bed Crying”

“My drunk (ex) husband came home in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. He was pissed off at me for some unknown reason and got on top of me in bed and strangled me to the point where he thought he had killed me. When I came to, he was sitting on the side of the bed crying.” —u/Redhead-Valkyrie

“I Had Trauma-Induced Seizures As A Result”

“I was shot in 2012 while delivering pizza….I ended up mostly okay, but disqualified from my career because I had trauma-induced seizures as a result….Of the 3 attackers, one died in a motorcycle crash before trial and the other 2 were out of prison by 2016.” —u/Apprehensive-You-490

“He Slashed My Face With A Box Cutter Before Hitting Me Over The Head With A Plate”

“I was attacked in a friend’s house by an ex-husband. He slit her throat and slashed my face with a box cutter before hitting me over the head with a plate, knocking me out temporarily. He then lit the place on fire with us in it….They caught him 2 days later trying to commit suicide in a Ramada Inn.” —u/avenlux44

“He Was There To Murder Me Or My Wife”

“I was working from home one morning and heard a knock at the door at 8AM….I opened the door. It was my neighbor who I had spoken with a few times….It was later discovered that the Coke bottle he wanted me to drink contained pesticides. He was there to murder me or my wife.” —u/zachjreed93

“I Woke Up To His Hands Around My Throat”

“A few months into the first semester, one of my roommates had a mental breakdown and attempted to strangle me while I was asleep. I woke up to his hands around my throat, his knee on my chest and a deranged look on his face….My eyes started to dim, my hands felt leaden, I was sure I was going to die.” —u/Adept-Matter

“I Woke Up Because I Started Drowning In My Blood”

“My ex…left me for dead once and I overheard him on the phone talking to someone about what to do with the body. He had put my head through the car window and dragged me inside and threw me onto the bathroom floor. I woke up because I started drowning in my blood (face down).” —u/throwawaygrosso

“I Came To On The Floor With Blood Spilling Out From My Head”

“I had received a phone call from my partner a few moments earlier about how there had been a stabbing and that I should stay safe, a few minutes after that call a man crossed the road, walked up to me and hit me over the head with a wooden fence post. I blacked out, not sure how long it was for but I came to on the floor with blood spilling out from my head.” —u/noot-art

“They Beat Me Up Pretty Bad While Trying To Rape Me”

“Solo hiking, ran into two men who acted nice at first, then started following me on my trail. Things escalated. They beat me up pretty bad while trying to rape me. I fought like fury….I have no doubt they would’ve killed me as well as raped me if I hadn’t made it such an unholy battle for them to get me down.” —u/featherstretch

“He Jumped Me From Behind And Slit My Throat”

“He saw me move in, assumed I was the new boyfriend, and lay in wait for me outside her house one night, where he jumped me from behind and slit my throat….Despite losing massive amounts of blood, I didn’t die….My attacker and I ended up in the same ICU. I had rendered him a quadriplegic.” —u/addicus

“I Couldn’t See The Knife In His Hands Which He Then Stabbed Me In The Face With”

“A while back I was at my friends house when a guy came in through balcony glass door (he had climbed up to 2story balcony) and proceeded to start yelling at her things like, ‘who is the motherf*cker now bitch?’ and I stood up to protect her….It was dark and I couldn’t see the knife in his hands which he then stabbed me in the face with.” —u/seblait

“She Swung The Knife Towards My Eye While Screaming”

“She then turned to me and let out a horrible scream that I will always remember. She grabbed a knife off the floor and lunged at me, knocking me to the ground. She swung the knife towards my eye while screaming something along the lines of ‘I’m taking your eye.’…The knife then cut underneath my eye, nearly hitting the eyeball.” —u/samuelbowie68

“I Was Screaming For My Life, But No One Could Hear Me”

“I was at a party and was talking to a guy. My ex-boyfriend saw this, was crying, and lured me into a room where he locked the door, proceeded to beat me and then attempted to strangle me. I was screaming for my life, but no one could hear me over the music at the party.” —u/Gandv123

“He Had The TV Turned Up So No One Could Hear Me Scream”

“I came home from school; he surprise-attacked me by suffocating me with a pillow/strangling and attempted to sexually assault me. I had just gotten a boyfriend and wasn’t around as often and by the language he used when trying to assault me, it was clear this was the source of his anger. He had the TV turned up to an extreme volume so no one could hear me scream.” —u/livinlavidaanxious

“My Father Tried To Choke Me To Death”

“My father tried to choke me to death. I fought him off and beat the shit out of him. It was the last time he put hands on me. But the other abuse kept going .” —u/Midwinter77

“He Chased Me With A Chainsaw”

“I have a schizophrenic brother who started an argument when late teens over my dad giving me his old iPhone. He decided a rational tactic was to chase me with a chainsaw then try to chainsaw my car. Police came, but not before he broke my mother’s ribs.” —u/lasolenya11

“My Perp Came At Me Dragging A Knife Along The Wall”

“Neighbors heard me & my live-in perpetrator arguing / struggling, while I was being pinned against a wall and strangled….My perp came at me dragging a knife along the wall which made a creepy horror movie metallic sound & I screamed—the cop broke the door down, saved me, and arrested my perp. Perp spent 3 months in a psych facility because they admitted to wanting to hurt me some more.” —u/randomredditor0042

“My Strength And Eyesight Faded”

“Strangulation by a stepparent. When my strength and eyesight faded and I felt about to lose consciousness for the last time, they let up just a hair. Next thing I knew, I was in another room with a locked door between us. Was primal shit; no idea how I escaped.” —u/questionforthecactus

“I Was Tied Up And Helpless”

“I was kidnapped after being raped a few days prior. I’d threatened that I was going to the police and he flipped, abducting me and threatening murder suicide. He drove more and more remote and I was tied up and helpless….I threw all pride and shame to the wind by telling him how much I loved him.” —u/happyscatteredreader

“The Only Thing He Would Say Was, ‘You Die, You Die’”

“He came in through the window of my studio apartment at about 5-5:30 in the morning….He started to go attack me and tried to strangle me. I was able to fight him off, by getting my feet up onto his chest and pushing with all my strength….The only thing he would say was, ‘You die, you die.’” —u/bring_back_my_tardis

“She Stabbed Me In The Chest With A Kitchen Knife, Puncturing My Lung”

“On one occasion, I was around 12 and she came into my room while I was sleeping and stabbed me in the chest with a kitchen knife, puncturing my lung (I didn’t know this at the time)….Someone on our road noticed the noise and called the police. just before the police arrived, she started choking me and I lost consciousness.” —u/1BUK1-M10D4