21 Season Finale Predictions For ‘And Just Like That’

Nobody likes a cliffhanger, but it’s our greatest hope for another season of And Just Like That to end the first season with something just like that. With the copious drama this season, we can almost expect a cliffhanger indeed. And we can cope with more drama. Just don’t let the series end! Please don’t let Carrie die. It’s too soon! And she got rid of the Peloton. We’ve been caught up with the characters for decades, and now we’re caught up to the present day, and the show’s framework has survived smartphones, cars with robot text messages, hyperintelligent kitchens, and more. Whatever comes our way, the Sex And The City series can certainly adjust. We can be almost certain that the season finale will have “sex” and “The City,” and maybe there will be a strong element of “and just like that.” Perhaps even something “to the max,” as this is on HBO Max. What else could we plausibly expect?

Miranda tells Steve.

It seems like she is planning to do this in the preview, but does she actually follow through? I think so! Miranda telling Steve would be the perfect cliffhanger. Steve finds out that Miranda has been cheating on him, but whether they go to couples’ therapy, split, or are reinvigorated may be up to a new season. Or will Miranda ask Steve if they can become swingers?

Everything gets moved out of storage.

I knew that Carrie’s wedding dress would come out of storage so hard before I saw the preview. But we will likely get to see a lot of old treasures from other seasons as well, for watchful viewers.

Miranda dyes her hair back.

If Che leaves her, she will totally have a hair crisis and go back to red.

Samatha is back in town.

She’s not written into the season we hear, but come on. She just has to make an appearance. Can we at least get a selfie from her? Or will it just be another text message? That would be very welcome, actually. Or a cliffhanger that she is coming back to New York City? Is she engaged? We haven’t forgotten about her!

At this rate with the flash forwards, Miranda graduates from NYU.

We get to see Miranda in her cap and gown as she graduates with all the Gen Zers who seem on the fence about her. Will she finally do something that appeals to them? A winning comment in the last class?

More hats.

Hats galore. I always notice a hat. I would love to see the data of the show’s hat wearing across all of the seasons.

The professor adopts a baby who goes to NYU.

With the flash forwards at this rate indeed, maybe the season will end with us so far into the future that the professor’s adopted baby is a freshman at NYU. Then we follow them into a spinoff series. Will Samatha get a spinoff?

Carrie wears flats.

As a flats girl myself who has written about the benefits, I can’t get enough of Carrie in flats. Carrie looks like she feels like she can’t pull them off, however. It would be so nice to see her swinging around in them like she owns them.

Carrie doesn’t publish her book.

The publisher was sort of hinting that it was off brand, but she really wanted to publish it with a glimmer of hope. Do we trust this publisher? Does the publisher just want to make money? Is it a mistake to publish it? What can we tell about its contents from the cover? Oh right, you can’t tell a book by its cover.

Carrie writes an article about Big instead.

In lieu of publishing her book, perhaps Carrie decides to write a single article about the whole experience. Maybe a loving obituary.

Oprah makes an appearance on the show.

Come on, Oprah! We would love to see you in the final episode this season. Maybe as a regular character.

Carrie hooks up with Seema.

Miranda has already hooked up with somebody nonbinary this season. Seema seems to be in the group now. Or is she not all the way there for some reason? At first I thought it might be cultural differences. Now I think it’s sexual tension.

Carrie gets a hybrid car.

Oh, that was a commercial break.

Carrie hooks up with Che.

Did anybody else think that this was going to happen the whole freaking season? I actually thought she was going to, God forbid, stupidly cheat on Big with them.

Che hooks up with Steve.

Steve gets even with Miranda by hooking up with Che. Then he realizes how amazing Che is. Then Steve forgives Miranda.

Che hooks up with Brady.

Che really seems to have no boundaries at all. They are really fun-loving and free-spirited, which are good things, for sure. However, there’s something really horrific about Che literally seducing a married woman with a kid. What’s to stop them from hooking up with Brady as well? Really.

Brady goes to NYU.

Brady, inspired by his mom, goes to NYU. Later, he becomes a professor there and teaches Miranda’s professor’s adopted baby.

Steve gets into essential oils.

Steve’s a real sensitive guy with a beautiful heart who might need to relax a little bit from time to time. Some lavender might suit him well. It’s just so logical.

Carrie gets approached to do a brand.

Carrie thinks she’s a sex writer, or at least a relationship writer, but today she would really be considered to be a “brand.” She just needs a little help with putting together the rest of it. Will she be approached to do a fashion line? A line of flats? Hm.

Charlotte says she’s sorry.

Am I the only one who’s surprised that she hasn’t said it yet?

Somebody has a birthday.

The girls are always getting older these days, and so are their men, and so are their kids, so statistically, plot-wise, somebody indeed must have a birthday. We skipped so many while Carrie was writing her book! Slow down!