Noelle Otto

22 Affirmations That Every Healing Person Should Be Telling Themselves

1. I want to be free, so I have given up on everything that weighs me down.

2. I radiate self-respect, the more I let go, the more I am allowed to let in.

3. I forgive myself for holding on to the bad, I am free and living in the present.

4. I am learning to appreciate the adversity it takes in life to grow, and take every lesson as a gift.

5. All things are possible because I have opened my mind and body, supporting me to learn.

6. I trust everything will work out for greater good.

7. Loving myself is how I will learn to love others.

8. I am the only person responsible for meeting my spiritual needs.

9. I can coexist with emotionally neglectful people. My boundaries will protect me.

10. Every day I am growing.

11. Nobody can judge my thoughts, other than myself.

12. I create value in life by existing. My existence is a gift to this world.

13. My strength is stronger than my anxiety.

14. I focus on what is truly essential to my success.

15. Just because I think a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

16. No matter what happens on my life journey, I will always have myself.

17. If something doesn’t serve me, I am able to walk away.

18. The path I chose to walk on is the path to empowerment.

19. I am committed to turning problems into challenges, weaknesses into strengths, and fear into action.

20. I show myself forgiveness when feeling defeated, because it is part of living life.

21. I have unlimited potential to reach my goals.

22. I am committed to setting goals that will help me achieve success.