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22 Straight Men Discuss Their Instant Turn-Offs In Women

1. Red Flags All Around

When woman say “I’m a bitch. It’s just who I am.” Or “it takes a special man to handle me.” Like you are grown. Handle damned self. Red flags all around.


2. Terrible Mindset

“If you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best” is probably the worst mindset to come across in a person.


3. Zero Self Awareness

Not being self aware. Meaning not admitting when she’s wrong and getting mad until you apologize even though is her fault.


4. Interest Shaming

Hobby/Interest shaming. Unless, of course, your hobbies and interests are “interesting.”


5. Hard Drug Addiction

Being addicted to heroin or meth.


6. The Same For Men

I don’t think it’s that much different from what makes men unattractive. Poor hygiene, rude personality, arrogance, shallowness.


7. Dull Conversation

A lack of curiosity. If she can’t hold a conversation, then any hope for a date goes belly up.


8. The Way They Treat Customer Service

If they’re rude to customer service workers.


9. Being Rude For No Reason

Attacking other women for how they look. I had an ex who hated skinny women. She wasn’t big, but she wasn’t skinny. I would say she was in-between. One night we went out and she was complaining about “those skinny bitches” over there. They didn’t say anything to her or about her, they just existed in the same room and were having fun.


10. Being a Karen

Narcissism, self-absorption, Karenism, etc.


11. No Funny Bone

No sense of humor.


12. Total Dependence

I’d say entitlement and dependence. After too many girls I’ve been with don’t work, live off of other people, and can’t find their way in the world on their own I couldn’t be with someone like that again. A spouse should be a complement to your life, not an extra burden to carry. It goes both ways, that’s just the biggest thing for me.


13. Food Smacking

Chewing with her mouth open / talking with a mouth full of food. It’s unattractive for any gender.


14. Looking for Jealousy

Trying to make you jealous. Talking about stories involving dudes from their past more than once when it pertains to nothing or I didn’t ask. Either one of those things during the talking phase/early dating phase just makes me want to cut someone off.


15. Always Posting

Always posting everything on social media. Kid is sick. MUST POST. Had a fancy drink. MUST POST. Went to a concert. MUST POST. Washed the car. MUST POST. Went to see the new Star Wars movie. MUST POST.


16. That’s Someone Else’s Job

I was in Forever 21 with a girl I had just started dating, and she wouldn’t even attempt to refold shirts off the table, and didn’t pick anything up that fell off the hanger. She had worked as a bartender/waitress, was in fire academy at the time, and had appreciated the way I tipped the bartender on our first date, so I was surprised that she was so indifferent in this scenario.

I started cleaning up behind her and commented on it, and she said that it was literally someone’s job to straighten up…I wish I could say that I didn’t keep seeing her, break up with her, and date her one more time, but I was a man of weak character when confronted with such beauty and booty. I’ve learned my lessons the hard way, giggity, and am a better man now.


17. What’s Your Sign?

I agree with everything said so far but… do I really have to be the one to say it?

Fine. Astrology


18. Manipulative

Cruelty, particularly casual cruelty where they don’t even notice it or it’s just an underlying attitude; but also intentional cruelty.

Being mercenary and manipulative. If I hear bragging about how you used someone to your advantage, I am suddenly uninterested in being near you.


19. Being Blah

The lack of a personality. If I am doing all of the talking and she is just sitting there, I’m not going to think about her very much in the future.


20. Just Man Up

This happened recently.

Acting like I don’t have feelings and should “man up” when she said something offensive.

Fuck that. I’m not a robot.