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25 Married Men Talk About The Moment They Knew They Were Going To Ask Their Girlfriend To Marry Them

1. Six Big Macs

My dad told me he knew he wanted to marry my mom when the McDonald’s opened in Moscow after the USSR crumbled and she ate 6 Big Macs in a row.

2. Surprise Visitor

We had a long distance relationship. We lived 3 to 4 hours away from each other the entire time we dated. We had met at a concert and traded emails and MSN info (classic). We emailed and chatted everyday, sometimes for hours. We poured our hearts out about our fears and dreams. I’d go visit her every other weekend, and she’d come once and a while my way.

About 3 or 4 months into doing this, I’m at home chilling at home playing some game in my room. My dad calls up the stairs that I got a package in the mail. So I, confused, come walking down the stairs. And there she was. She came up to visit as a surprise. Without thinking, I instinctively ran to her and hugged her and lifted her and spun her a bit. And I felt in my heart a wholeness. Like holding her filled in something I was missing. I knew then that I never would let her go (metaphorically speaking). Been married over 9 years, and I still get that feeling when I hug and kiss her.


3. Singing Along

I left my favorite CD in her car (Dream Theater’s Scenes From a Memory). She wasn’t a huge fan, but put up with it whenever I listened.

One day I was on the phone with her while she was driving, and we said good-bye but she forgot to hang up.

I waited a few seconds and I heard her singing along.


4. My Parents Story

Have to post this for my dad.

My parents met 39 years ago last Friday, in a lineup for a movie. my moms friend knew my dad from another friend and introduced them. My dad was known as a ‘wild guy’, and my mom was seriously considering becoming a nun. naturally, they started dating.

Couple months later, my mom found a lump in her breast. my dads aunt died of breast cancer very young, and it just freaked him out I guess. My mother had the lump removed and thank god it was benign, but my dad had already rushed out and bought an engagement ring.

He always claims he knew from the moment he saw her, but a couple of glasses of wine and he will tell you that he saw what life could be like without her, and it wasn’t worth living. they never fight, they always work together, and my moms heart still skips a beat when he comes home from work.


5. Her Eyes Lit Up

We had gone on two or three dates before I asked her to “be my girlfriend” and I knew the instant she said yes that we would be married one day. Her eyes just lit up like nothing else when I told her I wanted to make things official. It has felt like I can read her mind since the day I met her. I know when she’s happy, sad, upset, tired, annoyed, etc. I knew a few days before she asked me to move in with her that she was going to ask. We have been in sync pretty constantly, and I’m incredibly lucky to be married to someone with whom I’m so in tune. We dated for three years, but I knew from day one that we were going to be married.

I don’t really believe in ‘soulmates’ or anything too mystical. However, if there was anyone who could change my mind about that, it’s my wife.


6. She Played Along

When I first told my father that I was dating someone new, he jokingly asked, “What’s her name? What does she do? What’s her bra size?”

I told her about it, hoping to prepare her for his sense of humor, and she thought it was hilarious. The first time they met she introduced herself by saying, “Hi I’m Stephanie! I’m in college and I’m a B-cup.”

My father was horrified, my mother was laughing hysterically, and I was in love.


7. She’s My Island

In my first week as licensed as a paramedic I had a two year old die on me. When I got off work, I drove to my girlfriend’s place and told her about my day. I was pretty numb at the time, trying to process this kids death despite all my efforts. I laid down on her couch, and she just wrapped her arms around me and laid with me for 3-4 hours as I tried to process. She didn’t push or ask lots of questions, just laid their quietly and held me. I slowly was able to talk my way through it, and then the tears started. She cried with me. I felt the whole world was so dark and ugly, but she was my island of light. Started saving up for a ring that week, and asked her to marry me 6 months later. In September we celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. I’m still a paramedic, and she’s still my island.


8. The Death Threats

She told me on several occasions that she would murder me if I dumped her after she turned 40. So I proposed on her fortieth birthday.


9. Digging in the Trash

The day she took off work to help me go through a dumpster. I had accidentally thrown my keys in the trash while cleaning out my car.

Edit: We found them 2 hours later.


10. Hanging Out to Living Together

For the most part, it was the fact that the very day we started dating she was staying at my house, not quite living there, just hanging out forever til that turned into living with me. Never thought to much about it til a year later and realize that we have never spent a day away from each other. Married Sept. 2006, and still going strong.


11. Freezing Together

On our 4th date we got a cheap pizza and went to a park in October up north. We fell asleep and woke up freezing at 2 in the morning. Instead of getting up and leaving we just held each other and went back asleep for another 2 hours.

I knew from that moment I was gonna marry this girl!


12. The Correct Answer

My husband tells me he knew when he casually asked me this question on our second date:

“What time is it?”

Correct answer and the answer I gave? “It’s Howdy Doody time.”

Married 24 years in August.


13. Rough Water Tests

We had a fight and she was so chill about it.

I was in the wrong and was just in a jerk mood.

Right away she talked to me in a mellow voice and explained why I made her feel shitty and that I should take two days of “radio silence” to think about it.

None of this “You should know what is wrong… Even though I told you nothing is wrong” and none of that yelling and or talking my ear off for hours. And awesomely giving me the time I need to figure my shit out.

I was like “Yes, I can live with this”

TL;DR: “Rough waters are truer tests of leadership. In calm water every ship has a good captain.”


14. Just Ask

When she said “You know, if you asked me to marry you, I’d say yes.”


15. Ball Buster

I was at a party I didn’t want to be at when I met her. She ended up getting really drunk, got touchy feely with me and I took her home. After a fun night so to speak, we woke up and she was getting ready to leave. I said “hey, let me get your number” and she says “oh… I don’t think so…” very seriously. She watched my face drop, gave it a beat and then said “just kidding!”

It was early on but I knew she was going to be a good time. 10 years later she’s still busting my balls and making me laugh.


16. Five Day Trip

Went on a five day road trip with her and didn’t get tired of her company. I get exhausted by spending more than two days in a row with almost anyone.


17. That Sandwich

While making rice crispy treats, my future wife snuck a spoonful of the melted marshmallow and made me a fresh peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich without me noticing. When I took the first bite, I knew I’d never find anyone better.


18. She Drank Beer Out of the Pitcher

Hot redhead on St. Patrick’s day drinking Guinness out of a pitcher. That’s the girl for me! Introduced myself, spent the rest of the day with her, stumbled to a buddy’s who lived close to the bar, told him I met the girl I was going to marry. Been 20+ years.


19. Beer Soulmate

On our first date we went to a movie theater that served drinks to your chair (Alamo Drafthouse). When they asked what we would like to drink she ordered a pitcher of Sierra Nevada and I said good choice we can share. Before I could finish my sentence she said “oh well this one’s mine we can get you one too”. So we did, and since we’ve been sharing beers, collecting beers, and visiting breweries every since. I always tell people that ask me when “I knew she was the one” and my response is the first date. After she ordered a full pitcher of IPA for herself that’s when I found out I had met my soul mate.


20. The Bathroom Rug

We were young. I was moving across the country to be with her at the time. And she got our apartment all ready before I got there.

Our bathroom was really, really small. She had purchased this blue bathroom rug for the floor. And because the rug was too large she carefully cut out these notches for the sink stand and the front of the toilet bowl so the carpet would fit perfectly flat.

She cut the bathroom rug perfectly. I knew she had to be mine.


21. Spit In Her Eye

My wife and I were good friends before we became romantically involved. She was “one of the guys,” and it wasn’t unusual to roughhouse a little (this sounds sexual in retrospect, but it really wasn’t at the time). You know that thing you used to do to your sister when you were like 12, where you’d pin her down and threaten to spit on her by letting the spit hang out of your mouth, then sucking it back up at the last minute? (Dear God, I hope I’m not the only one who did this.) Well, I did that to my friend-now-wife, except I waited too long and I accidentally spit directly in her eye. Instead of being furious like a normal person, she busted out laughing. We’ve been married 12 years.


22. A Long Coffee Date

It was our first date. It was the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break, she was supposed to drive home after class. It was just a coffee date that stretched out for several hours. It was just comfortable. Conversation flowed. I wasn’t worried about saying anything dumb or silly. We were completely ourselves. It culminated in a shy kiss in her car before she left to drive home.

Her Mom knew why she was late, just by her mood. I went back to my apartment and talked to my roommate. I told him there was something special about this girl. We’ll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this summer.


23. Playfully Insulting

This may be a bit unusual, but the way she could toss an insult around. I tend to tease playfully, and she could always toss banter right back. We ended up insulting each other so much that my friend had to assure his girlfriend that we were only kidding and didn’t hate each other. It was great.


24. Unromantically

It actually happened without much fanfare. We were in bed one night before going to sleep, talking about our relationship and our future. We had already bought a house together and had a dog, and we had talked about marriage in the past, but it wasn’t a huge priority for either of us.

Talking about how cool it would be to have our wedding be like a reunion with a lot of old friends made it seem really appealing, and we knew that we both would be staying together for pretty much the rest of our lives. She ended up just saying it in the end “So, do you want to?” and I said “Yeah, I guess I do! It makes sense!” and everything happened from there.

Completely and wholly unromantic! Yay for us! We’re now coming up on 8 years of marriage with 2 kids.


25. A Batman Costume For the Cat

Getting married next month. She came over 2 weeks into us dating with a batman costume for my cat. She put my cat in the costume and then chased the cat around the apartment singing “DA-NUH-NUH-NUH BATCAT!”

There was never a doubt in my mind after that.