25 Men Discuss The Moment They Knew Their Girlfriend Wasn’t The One

1. DNA Doesn’t Lie

When she got pregnant by another guy and tried to pin the baby on me.


2. Panic Trick

I had an ex girlfriend who tricked me into meeting her parents. I would gladly meet them if she invited me, but she faked a panic attack so I would take her home and her parents were in on it. Seems silly but looked like a sign of deeper issues so I walked away and, seeing the kind of relationships she developed with other guys after me, I’d say it was the right call.


3. Being Happier Alone

When I started to realize I was happier when she wasn’t around.


4. Ambush

When she invited me over to cook for me, and instead ambushed me with her 8 friends to interrogate my feelings in the relationship.


5. Caught Her In The Act

When she asked for a dudes number at a party while I left for a minute. I caught her in the act and she still lied about it.


6. Emotionally Fueled Threats

When she threatened suicide if I left her. She knew my father passed from suicide a couple years earlier.


7. Tired Of The Negativity

Dated a girl for 2 years. Nothing I ever did was good enough. Plus she became very controlling and did not want me to hang out with my friends, unless she was there.

Finally got tired of the negativity, and broke it off. Turned out all my family and friends hated her with a passion and were so happy when it ended. Now I’m with a fantastic woman who treats me with respect. It’s nice to genuinely be happy for once. We’re getting married in September.


8. No Support

When I realized she could never be supportive or be there for me when I needed her. One example is when i had to put my dog down…. like an hour after it happened she freaked out at me accusing me that I tortured her (my dog) because I wanted to take the night to see if things would improve. Obviously it wasn’t true but her anxiety made her react that way and that was how she reacted to anything that wasn’t rainbows n sunshine. Basically accused of torturing my best friend right after losing her. Felt real good..

That’s only 1 of a MASSIVE amount of things over 3 and a half years.


9. Nothing But Complaints

Complain about everything I did. Which led to me thinking I was just not good at anything relationship wise.


10. Temper Tantrums

Anger issues are one thing but having a full-blown screaming temper tantrum when she didn’t get her way was the last straw for me. The first time it happened, it lasted almost an hour and it only subsided because I called her dad and had her speak to him. That should have been the warning flag I needed but I’m patient and chill and believe in second chances. She apologized for her behavior too, so I thought maybe she would change.

Then a few months later, temper tantrum again. This time a full out screaming match with both of her parents that lasted for over 2.5 hours. I wasn’t even involved but I knew at that moment I didn’t want to be involved with a woman or a family that communicates like toddlers. Fuck that.

My life has been so much more stress free since. She had a lot of great qualities, but that was one I couldn’t overlook.


11. Feeling Annoyed Instead of Happy

When she came home from work, the sound of the front door opening made me feel annoyance instead of happiness.

I realised that I’d felt this way for months and it never dawned on me.

We broke up a few weeks later.


12. Blood Pressure Spikes

Not girlfriend, but ex-wife: we participated in one of those studies where you wear a “cuff” around for like 48 hours and it takes your blood pressure every few minutes. We also had to keep a “1 sentence journal” and write down what we’re doing every time it fired off and we were awake.

In the post-study interview they told us they couldn’t use our data in their study because every time we were in the same room with one another, both of our BPs shot up like crazy.


13. Not A Part of the Threesome

When she had a threesome and I wasn’t part of it. Thankfully we’d only been together a couple months. No big loss.


14. A Big Lie

Caught her screwing a guy after she told me she was saving herself for her wedding night.


15. Snapping Over Bread

Didn’t want to come to any of my family functions, stopped sleeping in the same bed as me, we had sex maybe 10 times in a span of 3 years that we lived on our own

The last straw was apparently we started “buying our own groceries” when I opened a bag of bread that was new that she bought she snapped at me even though I’m paying 80% of rent, internet etc

Came home from work and broke up with her.


16. She Went to a Party Instead

When my grandma got cancer and I needed someone to talk to and she blew it off to talk about a party she was going to instead. I called someone else and they talked me off the ledge, and I realized that my girlfriend was a selfish self absorbed emotionally unavailable bag of dicks. I broke up with her 3 days later after a 6 year relationship. There were plenty of other signs along the way but that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, as they say.


17. Walking on Eggshells Instead of Sunshine

When I realized that I’m stepping on eggshells, because everything is my fault. And I’ve got to be wary of every little emotion I show because I’m always told I’m reacting inappropriately. When I felt that I do not care about giving my opinion because it would be wrong anyways.


18. Extra Curriculars

The amount of extra curricular cock she was taking

Edit: well this comment blew up. To answer any questions, we had a great relationship or so I thought. Never fought, none of that. I found out after we split that it was because any time she was mad at me or whatever, she went and did her thing with “an old friend”. She had lots of free time and the ability to sneak around while I was at work for the day, so I really had no idea.


19. No Funny Bone

Having to explain all of my jokes cause she just didn’t get them. Not being able to share humor with the person that you’re with is such a deal breaker for me.


20. When She Began To Stray

When she started having sex with other people.


21. Gaslighting

I caught her cheating, twice, with the guy at work she started talking about a lot every day after work. Like, a lot. Said or did this funny thing, blah blah blah.

Caught them sexting as she left her laptop on connected to WhatsApp in Firefox, and I had the day off work and it was dinging over and over.

I was stupid, so decided to try and make it work between us.

She broke down about 2 months later, pointing a kitchen knife at me (oh this should be good), saying she can’t take how guilty I make her feel every day.

Well FUCK ME (or someone else), way to gaslight the shit out of me you fucking psycho.


22. Forever Alone

She convinced herself that she’s one of those people who should be alone. Forever. (She punctuated it just like that in a text maybe 15 mins before breaking up with me).


23. No Excitement

I prefer seeing my guy friends then spending time with her and it slowly dawned on me I should be excited to see her.


24. It Was The “But” For Me

“You are very good and nice boyfriend, but..”


25. The Fights

So we haven broken up yet, but I know I will sometime soon.

She woke me up one night to say that she had checked through my messages and didn’t find anything incriminating.


She started a fight and yelled at me. I go to a support group every tuesday and one night I was famished and ordered some food. I ordered some for her too because y’know, I wanted to be nice… So I come home and give her the food I brought her and she goes ballistic. WHY DIDN’T I DINE WITH HER!? DID I NOT LOVE HER ANYMORE? WHY DON’T I THINK OF HER!?

Dude I was hungry, so I ate. I brought you food as well. What is wrong with me wantig to dine when I’m hungry!?