25 Men Discuss the Non-Sexual Thing They Feel Makes a Woman Instantly Attractive

1. Smile!

A genuine smile.


2. Chuckle

A good laugh.


3. Being Kind

When she goes out of her way to help or show kindness to someone.


4. One-Liners

A woman that can crack a great one liner on the spot is about the most attractive, non-aesthetic attribute in my opinion.
If she can buy me a new car after a second date, that’s a close second.


5. Curiosity

A curious mind.
Finding the interesting side of things you have never thought about before, your SO’s passions, friends’ hobbies, a topic in a movie/book/documentary… whatever. You will never run out of things to discover and get excited about, with such a person.


6. Happy to See Me

Face lighting up when seeing me.


7. The Eyes Have It

Random, intentional eye contact. Not the kind where you accidentally make eye contact across the room, but when she randomly turns to you and stares at your face until you look at them. Even in a playful manner or when they’re trying to just get your attention and do it while poking you or something. God damn.


8. Emotional Genius

Emotional intelligence.


9. Roasting

My boyfriend said that his favorite thing about the day we met was when I roasted his “dad shoes”. They’re the white new balances that suburban dads in the 90s wore to mow their lawns.
I don’t remember ever saying anything about his shoes, but he occasionally chuckles when putting his shoes on and mentions this, and I think it’s so damn cute. No clue what I said, but he really thought enough about it at the time that it still makes him laugh. And I love that.
I hate the shoes, but god I just love him to pieces.


10. Same Page, Same Book

When she basically reads my mind and we both blurt out the same thing. For instance, a REALLY good friend of mine who I hang out with a lot, will ask what we should get to eat. We’ll be thinking about it for a bit, and then give the same suggestion. I can’t help but to feel quite attracted to her more than I already am.


11. Say My Name

When they say your name. Met a girl recently who said my name like 4 times in 20 mins and I just wanted to keep hearing it!


12. Enthusiasm

Interest / enthusiasm. A thousand times this. Ten BILLION times this. Sure my wife is attracted to me, but she also loves movies, is psyched when we take our kids to renaissance faires, likes weird shit that I dig as well. Does she have big boobs? Yes. Is she psyched about going to an old castle to explore history? Yes. Does she have an ass that won’t quit? Yes. Will she spend 5 hours at a combination book store slash petting zoo? Yes. Did I bang her this morning before going to work? Hell yeah. Am I psyched to watch a movie with her tonight? So very much.


13. Empathy

As a married man, how good my wife is to our kids. How much they love her reminds me every day that I chose the right woman. I have known too many men that chose a pulse over the character of the woman they’re with and end up getting fucked up pretty bad at the end of the relationship.
When I was a single man, I’d say empathy and compassion would have been the top two to get my motor started.


14. The Vibes

Caring about the person they’re talking to, not being glued to phone. A genuine smile when they see you. Vibing with you… This one I think is the most important. I like to always joke around and make silly dances (I can’t dance at all) my wife and sis in law laugh and then dance with me, they vibe with me, that not only makes me feel special but the fact that they don’t care who is watching us and we just vibe is very meaningful.


15. Being Independent

Independence. I’m happy to help out, but knowing she can handle herself confidently in most situations makes me feel better incase I’m not there to help.


16. Genuine Interest

When they seem genuinely interested in a conversation & doesn’t just reply with generic one liners like “oh wow” “geez” “damn” “okay” etc. Or just play on their phone most of the time. Like i ain’t tryna flirt with you ffs I’m just tryna have a genuine conversation.


17. Just Pure Happiness

Honestly just… being happy. I’m bi so this applies to both men and women, but seeing people smile gives me life. You can have acne, crooked teeth, a slouch, whatever, but a genuine, happy smile will still make you look lovely.


18. Hugger

Being a good hugger! A girl I thought was interested in me (which lead me on but that’s not the point here), gave the best hugs ever. Her arms would wrap around me in such a tight, comforting, warm way I really could just stand there forever, it just felt so good!


19. Pheromones

How she smells. Pheromones are crazy, a woman can be beyond gorgeous and smell bad and I wouldn’t go near her.
And no, perfume doesn’t count.
I’m talking about a person’s natural unaided pheromones.


20. Being Non-Toxic

Not being toxic.


21. Girls Into Fitness

Muscle. It’s a sign of a woman who is neither neglectful of her health nor overly concerned with ‘the perfect figure.’ Just someone who’s figured out how to prioritize getting in her best shape while living her best life. That’s somebody who has it figured out.
Also buff women are hawt.


22. Skilled in Finances

A good financial mindset. I would never expect a women to be rich but if she knows what she’s doing, that’s attractive.
My fiancé said the same thing about me when I told her about my stupid amount of student loans. She said that it’s a fact but it’s attractive that I have the right mindset and I’m working on it.


23. A Bare Face

Women that wear little/no make up and just own the beauty of their own skin. That is a huge one for me personally.


24. Being Passionate

Talking for hours, and being passionate about something.


25. A Fun Girl

A girl that can be silly and have fun. Someone I can be a dumbass with.