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22 Men Discuss What They Feel Is The Hardest Thing To Explain To Women

1. Men Need Romance Too

Sometimes I’m not in an emotional or mental state to be ready for the bedroom. I need romance to get me there sometimes too.


2. Sometimes I Just Don’t Remember

When you ask me how my day was or what I did today, nothing in my day usually stands out as special, so I just don’t remember. I usually don’t remember what I do, I just live.


3. It’s Not Always About You

I’m seriously not checking you out every time you walk by in the office.

I turn my head for damn near everything that enters my periphery, you’re really not that special.


4. We Need Space Sometimes

When we say we need time or space, that’s exactly what we need. It’s not code for “you need to try harder.”


5. The Nod Code

The specifics of nod code. It’s easy to say “up if you know them; down if you don’t” but the exact meaning of the downward nod is hard to translate. It’s seeing them, acknowledging them, and saying that neither of us have any issue with each other.


6. I Just Don’t Know

Why I don’t know what the fuck my best friend is up to in life even after hanging out with him all day.


7. It Just Happens

Sometimes an erection just happens. We don’t control the thing, it’s a physical response that could literally be from nothing.


8. We Don’t Care

When we say we don’t care we really don’t care. Yes we can have an opinion on something, but when we say we don’t care that means our opinion isn’t strong enough to sway us either way on something.


9. We Like Compliments

How much compliments mean to us. It’s a different type of happy when a guy gets complimented.


10. The Shake

That the reason I shake the gas pump the amount of time I do after I finish pumping gas is the same reason I shake my dick after I pee.


11. Meh

That emotional state of “meh”. You’re not great, you’re not terrible, just meh. Nothing is really wrong, you’re just not really feeling it.

For some reason, some folks interpret this as “pissed off”. They then continue to ask “Why are you so mad?” despite you answering against this. They keep doing asking until you actually get annoyed and angry. -_-


12. We Have Feelings Too

We’re still a human so that’s mean We have feelings too.

So please take care when choosing your words when you’re arguing with us.


13. Penis Obsession

I have to constantly explain to my wife why my 2 year old son is obsessed with his penis. I have to explain why he always wants to touch it and grab it when his diaper is off. She will never understand why our baby and his father share this habit.

Edit: it seems I should have worded this a little differently…..


14. Empty Convos

That men can sit for hours talking and talk about nothing.


15. We Say What We Mean

My words don’t have some secret meaning behind it. If I say X, I mean X, not some random thing or insult you come up with.


16. Relationship Consequences

We’d love to be able to share what is really on our minds (sexual and non-sexual and every topic and viewpoint under the sun,) except we’re afraid of the relationship consequences.


17. Boner Problems

You can pop a boner without being aroused. You can get a boner even when you are nervous.


18. Clueless

I don’t even know what my brother does for a living and we’re roommates.


19. Silent Road Trips

The fact that we can ride in a car with another man for 5 hours and not say a word. Drives my wife crazy.


20. Backyard Bathroom

Why I have peed in my backyard a “surprisingly high” (her words) number of times.


21. Just Believe Us Or Don’t Ask

When you say “does this outfit look OK?” and we say “yes, you look stunning” and you reply “well, you WOULD say that,” half my brain thinks “please believe me because you do look stunning” and the other half thinks “wtf did you ask me for if you aren’t going to believe me?”


22. It’s Just Disc Golf

My wife once asked ‘what do you guys talk about when you are out playing disc golf all day?’ To which I answered ‘Disc golf’.