25 People Tell Their “Whatever Happens, Happens” Moment

1. Credit Cards

Credit cards. Oh man I wanna fight 18 year old me.


2. Waiting to Fill Up

Every time I tell myself, “I’ll just get gas before I drive to work tomorrow” and then find myself running 15 minutes late. You’d think I would learn at some point.


3. It’s an Art and a Science

For a serial procrastinator like me…..This is my whole life. Sometimes, I have to postpone those dealings with consequences too. It’s an art as well as science.


4. Pro-Procrasinator

I’m a procrastinator and… lord. Why am I so good at it? Last month I finally called the bank after putting it off for years, the person on the other side was surprised when they checked my records.
Like, just now, I knew I need to get up and do chores before it gets too late but my body felt like it just WON’T move. Having to fight is almost like fighting something physical. I hate it here!!!


5. Fire Me Or Not, I’m Going

I had put in vacation for 2 days to go back home for my grandpa’s bday 4 months in advance. Request gets accepted. 2 weeks before my vacation, there is a shift change and now my trip would take up a whole week of work. I inform my boss that I’ll be taking a whole week now, he tells me that’s fine and to go update the vacation request. I go to HR to update my request, instead of just changing the date range the HR person tries to delete the request and make a new one. Only problem is we were in a vacation blackout time (no new requests get accepted for that month because of workload), so they end up canceling my vacation and then go “oh whoops looks like you can’t put in a new request too bad”. My boss gets pissed and has my back but HR isn’t budging, not the first time our department has been screwed over. I tell HR “I’m still going on vacation. I’m not gonna miss out on seeing my family because you guys are incompetent. Fire me or don’t fire me, I don’t really care at this point.” My boss tells me to enjoy my time off and we can worry about stuff when I get back from break. Grandpa’s bday was great, had fun seeing the family and friends from back home. I come back after a week and I’m still employed. Boss and boss’s boss explained to HR that I’m the only one in our department who’s qualified to do what I do, and if they want to lose a bunch of money getting a 3rd party contractor to replace me than that’s their right to, they’ll just have to explain to the finance officer and general manager why we’d be bleeding money all of a sudden. I don’t work there anymore but I hope my old boss is doing well, he was a homie.
Side story, that same boss took 2 weeks of vacation when the Shadowlands expansion of WoW released. Man’s got his priorities straight haha. When I asked him what did he tell HR and his boss he was like “Those people don’t need to know what I do or don’t do with my vacation time, I’m taking my vacation time.”


6. Board or Body?

Was about to hit a tree while snowboarding. Either break my board on it to lessen the blow or break my body on it.
Chose to protect my board.
Regretted ever since.
Edit: a lot of people asking what the damage was:
My thigh slammed into the tree and took the full brunt of it. I didn’t break any bones but couldn’t walk for two weeks. However, that was the best part.
I went to the hospital for a check and they said it was all good but what they didn’t notice was that my right side of my back had shifted.
So when I tried to run or play sports, the ligaments and meniscus is both knees got destroyed and now I can’t run anymore.


7. Hit Me and I’ll Sue

I’ve got a younger friend who’s from a poor country. He refuses to stop at crosswalks where there’s a “yield for pedestrians” sign saying “well if they hit me I’ll sue and get rich.”
I’m only about 3 or 4 years older than him, but I’ve already had the injury. You know the one. The one that makes you realize you’re not a teen anymore and you regret for the rest of your life.
I told him there isn’t any amount of money in the world that I would take in exchange for chronic pain. He doesn’t agree. Unfortunately, one day he will.


8. Dating a Coworker

I had developed feelings for a coworker (small company, about 20 people), we kinda flirted at work and some people were starting to suspect something but we managed to keep it professional. One night we had a few drinks, could not decide to part ways, one thing led to another… the morning after when we woke up together, neither of us could muster the strength to go to work : she called in sick, and a few minutes later I sent an email to use a day off, as things were quite slow at work anyway. But we knew all too well that the both of us not showing up, with coworkers aware of our plans to get drinks together the night before, well, we weren’t going to fool anyone. And the following weeks/months were pretty awkward indeed (we never made it official, for the time it lasted).


9. All Nighter

I stayed up with my friends playing video games online until the sun started rising. I’m in my mid-thirties and that level of sleep deprivation the next day was worse than a hangover.


10. Massage Turned Into Parenting

Offering my long time best friend a neck massage, turned into some foreplay, then a conversation about not ruining our friendship with sex, followed by a “Fuck it” and a night in bed. 3 children later, still going strong.


11. Unexpected Guests

Broke down fishing way out in the sticks with my cousin. We were out of cell service. It was getting dark and we were walking back towards the main roads.
We spotted a black bear walking the trail behind us. It kept its distance but clearly smelled my backpack full of trout.
I dropped the bag of fish and we kept moving. Seen a cabin up ahead so we broke the door open and stayed there until morning. While there I found some spark plugs in a drawer while searching for a piece paper and a pen to leave a note.
The plug wasn’t the same my UTV called for. But it was a close match just a hotter plug #8 vs a #9. We left a note stating I took 2 spark plugs. Used the propane and stove to cook a can of soup we found as well as some crackers.
Left $100 for the door knob/lock and the plugs as well as my contact info.
3 weeks later the owner called said not to worry. He was glad his cabin helped us. And I asked if he wanted anymore compensation but he said no. Cabin was not vandalized and he had a spare doorknob in the shed.
So yeah I broke into a cabin for the night. Took some spark plugs to fix my side by side and ate some vegetable soup.
Left owner 5 $20 bills and fixed my machine and went home. Also the bear took our catch….

Edit: fixed misspelled word.
Edit2: Did not expect this to blow up. So since it did I would like to stress always being prepared when venturing out in the woods. As you know I was not. My side by side was only a year old with 1200 kms. So I didn’t anticipate a issue which was dumb. I had spare gas, tire plugs, compressor and a drive belt. Failed to remember a spare spark plug.
We had with us about 3L of water left. Some MRE’s with the flameless food warmers. A coil of 1/4 rope, knives and a med kit as well as our catch of trout. We also had a survival .410 with a rifled barrel to accept Colt .45 pistol rounds.
I have never had to fire it while on fishing trips but I knew I had something incase of a emergency.
But yeah never get complacent with your vehicles and always be prepared. I should have reviewed my kit before leaving.
As for the cabin we were very respectful. We listed what we used/took and left contact info. With the door broken I slept with the couch pulled up to the door. Since it was a in-swing. When we left we used some of the 1/4 rope to tie the door shut to keep animals and the elements out.
Be safe out there!


12. Caught Smoking

I was a teenager in a friend’s car, we were smoking weed. Then he was getting pulled over. Driver said “throw it man!”. I was like “he’ll see that anyway, and this car smells a lot like weed anyway, also it’s good, lemme just finish this real quick”.
So the cop arrived at the car and I was this kid sitting there smoking weed. The look on his face was kind of hilarious.
I wasn’t raised to be wasteful for goodness sake.


13. Speed Racer

I blew past a state trooper doin about 140 mph (225kmph) on an empty highway just because I was testing how fast the car could go.


14. Breaking Free From Abuse

My abusive ex was away on a 3 day conference, and I had decided that the only way to get away from him was to kill myself. I spent day 1 prepping and was gonna do it on day 2. When I woke up the morning of day 2 I had a “fuck it, fuck him” moment and called my sister who called the rest of my family and they drove 3 hours to come get us and we went to get my 10 yo son (ex had me isolated in a house I could not leave without help, and kept my son in another house, but that day he was with a relative to ex).
We left everything, I had no money, no friends and no idea what to do next. But when I was sitting in the car with my brother and my son, and the rest of our family in the car behind us, on our way to a new town and a new life… that feeling of freedom was like being high, and all the other things like money, school and housing (and my ex’s reaction) did not matter in that moment.


15. Traveled Around the World

Quit my job when I was 24 and went traveling around the world for a year. Parents wanted me to buy a house with my savings but I spent it all on seeing the world instead.


16. Divorce

Left the ex wife and everything in the house. Was driving home from work and came very close to ending it all driving into an oncoming semi. That was enough. Marriage is not a death sentence.


17. Unprotected Sex

Unprotected sex.
Consequences turned 9 this year.


18. Walking Down the Aisle

I knew my marriage wouldn’t last while I was walking down the aisle… but fuck it! I’ll deal with that shit later!!!
Four years divorced. 0 out of 10. Was not worth it.


19. Lactose Intolerance

I ordered the bean and beef burritos smothered in green chili and cheese from my favorite Mexican restaurant last night.
I’m lactose intolerant.
Currently dealing with the consequences.


20. My Brother’s Wife

Waking up wasted & naked next to my brothers wife.


21. Tinder Date

Said fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen and went on a tinder date. Nearly 7 years later, we’ve been married for nearly 3 years and have an 18 month old.
Amazing how most “fuck it” moments yield results at opposite ends of the spectrum, I got super lucky. ❤


22. Night Out Before Flight

I had to catch a flight early one morning. My company paid for the flight. I decided to go out with some buddy’s thinking fuck it, get drunk sleep on the plane what’s the worst thing that could happen. Got black out drunk, missed the flight, woke up to around 50 missed calls and voicemails, almost lost my job.


23. Third Date

Flew to Vegas for a weekend with a guy I had just met, it was like our 3rd date. It was pre-vaccine and Seattle was still very locked down, but we had both had COVID already so we weren’t concerned. I was sick of sitting outside in the rain in Seattle because indoor dining wasn’t allowed. At 3am our taxi driver asked if we wanted to go to a strip club and I told him to take us to the nice one 😂 We spent about $2k in a private room (I’m bi, it was great) and then we defined the relationship while cuddling in the bathtub over a bottle of dom perignon as the sun came up. We spent way more money than we should have for a third date, but it was my first vacation all year after working through the pandemic. I just thought “fuck it, I like this guy. It’ll either be a great idea or a terrible idea, at least I’ll find out early on” We’ve been together for over a year now 🥰 and champagne baths are still a thing.


24. Staying Out Late

I went to the midnight showing of The Batman last week as like a “hah haven’t don’t this in forever!!” kind of thing. turns out, I hadn’t done it in forever because I’m too old for this now. woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a truck and spent the next day feeling more hungover than if I’d just got drunk instead.


25. Every Choice Made

Literally every choice I make in life. Does it work? No. Is it different when i think about the consequences? Also no. Life sucks.