25 Underrated Green Flags We Need To Value More

  1. The person who apologizes without being prompted to do so.
  2. People who don’t pretend to know more than they do, who ask questions without giving in to the fear of looking “stupid.”
  3. Someone who can answer the “stupid” questions without being condescending about it.
  4. Friends who understand that honesty doesn’t need to be delivered brutally in order to be effective.
  5. Gentle hearts.
  6. Enthusiastic humbleness.
  7. Hand-talkers.
  8. Easy listeners.
  9. Someone who does the right thing quietly.
  10. Folks who give compliments freely, whenever they see an opportunity to.
  11. Anyone who can teach you something new.
  12. Jokers who get that they can be funny without being mean.
  13. The gratefully observant.
  14. The pal who lets you know when you screwed up without shaming you in the process.
  15. The date who holds the door (all genders applicable here).
  16. The boss who treats you like a fellow human.
  17. The coworker who is always offering a helping hand.
  18. The stranger at the grocery store who smiles at whomever they happen to make eye contact with.
  19. Moms who don’t pressure you to be perfect.
  20. Dads who make an effort to know you.
  21. Someone who talks to kids with interest, respect, and curiosity, who remembers what it was like to be small and scared and not taken seriously.
  22. Friends who stay later to help you clean up after you host.
  23. The new acquaintance who asks, “What can I bring?”
  24. The person who sends you music they find they think you’d love.
  25. Anyone who feels safe, who makes you realize you’re not in this life alone.