26 Relationship Habits You Should Break Before 2022 Ends
Mihail Tregubov

26 Relationship Habits You Should Break Before 2022 Ends

Stop giving out second chances to people who aren’t putting in the effort to change.

Stop making excuses for bare minimum partners who are never going to give you what you deserve.

Stop assuming that you’re the problem whenever someone rejects you or causes a new crack in your heart.

Stop bending over backwards to make people happy who aren’t willing to do the same for you.

Stop shifting your boundaries when someone refuses to obey them and stand your ground.

Stop lowering your standards, simply because you would rather be dating anyone than be single.

Stop telling yourself that you need closure in order to move on and accept that there are some things you are never going to know.

Stop playing games and be transparent about what you want from this person and how you genuinely feel about them.

Stop feeling pressured to settle down by a certain age because everyone moves at a different pace and everyone has a different timeline.

Stop assuming that history is bound to repeat itself and that everyone else you meet in the future is going to treat you the way that your exes treated you.

Stop assuming that cheating and disrespect are normal parts of relationships, and start developing a healthier view on what love should look like.

Stop pretending that everything is okay when you’re dying inside simply because you want to keep the peace, and start being honest about your emotions, even when it’s awkward or embarrassing.

Stop assuming that breakups are a bad thing and recognize how healthy it is to walk away from someone who is bad for you.

Stop allowing people to mistreat you because you’re worried it will chase them away and you’re scared of losing them.

Stop assuming you need a relationship in order to feel fulfilled.

Stop prolonging relationships that aren’t working because you have history and feel guilty about walking away from them.

Stop keeping track of every little thing your partner does for you and vice versa, because a healthy relationship doesn’t keep score.

Stop paying more attention to your phone than the person sitting right in front of you.

Stop tearing other people apart in order to make yourself look better in front of your crush or partner.

Stop comparing yourself to other people and other relationships because you have no idea what they’re going through behind closed doors.

Stop pretending that you’re someone you’re not because the right person for you will value your authentic self.

Stop trying to ‘win’ arguments with your partner and try to come to compromises that will benefit you both instead.

Stop worrying about coming across as too clingy because the right person will be happy to spend as much time with you as possible.

Stop trying to get revenge on your exes or ‘win the breakup’ and be happy that they’re out of your life for good.

Stop closing off your heart because some people are worth the risk, worth the trouble, worth the heartache.

Stop worrying that you’re going to end up alone because you have so much to offer in a relationship – and being single isn’t the end of the world anyway.