Juan Vargas

3 Divine Signs The Universe Uses To Protect You

1. Bad timing, forgetting items, scheduling errors

Have you had days where nothing is adhering to your planned schedule? What about times when you’ve forgotten a small (but essential) item at the most important moment, missed the exit on your way to work, or been delayed by transportation issues? 

Though these issues can feel extremely frustrating in the moment (and can sometimes be detrimental to plans you had for yourself), this could be a signal of protection from the universe that you’re just not understanding. These diversions typically prevent us from experiencing something we never would have otherwise. With some paths the universe sends us on, the reward becomes clear to us and we understand why we had to struggle in the first place. But if you’re avoiding something bad that could have otherwise happened to you, you’ll never know. Trust that sometimes, these delays are necessary for your own protection – whether or not you recognize it.

2. Short connections with others

You’re probably familiar with the uncomfortable pain of being left by someone you’ve only known for a short time. Whether your new friend stops responding to your calls or you’re ghosted out of the blue by someone you had only been on a few dates with but were excited about, it can seem like there’s no real reason for these things to happen. After all, if the universe is protecting you from that person, why would it allow you to meet them in the first place?

There are two common reasons for such interference. The first is that they were a temporary connection on your way to meeting someone else you were destined to have a long-term connection with. Maybe you’re still able to recall the last person you went on a few dates with before meeting your partner – if you had still been with that other person, you never would have met your true match. The second reason is that you had a lesson to learn from them. Maybe your short-term friend took advantage of your kindness or you paid way too much money for a first date. These small lessons are designed to help you protect yourself from similar occurrences in the future.

3. Guidance towards something that isn’t right for you

You may have felt like there were moments where everything was lining up for you in the past – a new opportunity that felt fated. Often, the universe will gift these moments to us in the form of professional advancements or career opportunities, though they can also appear in many other ways. At the time, you may have felt as though you desperately wanted something that the universe then gave you the opportunity to experience. But if this opportunity didn’t end up working out, consider that the universe may have been trying to protect you from one of your own goals.

Many times, we think we want something for ourselves that just doesn’t fit quite right with who we are. The universe is kind enough to give us the opportunity to try these things out – it prevents us from living with regret or uncertainty later on. If you think back to things you tried but ended up moving on from once you realized they weren’t right for you, also understand that the universe gave you this opportunity in the first place so that you would be satisfied with where you are now.