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3 Low-Energy Witchcraft Rituals For Anyone Who Wants To Add A Little Magic Into Their Lives

It is not a secret that being a modern witch in today’s society involves a strong balancing act. Whether you’re a student, an employee, a parent, a partner, or what have you, as witches, we are usually spending a lot of our day pouring from our cup into others’, and that can mean that we don’t have a lot of energy left for elaborate rituals and drawn out spells. But that doesn’t mean we have to let our magic practice wane! It just means we need to learn to make even our most mundane tasks a magical practice.

You may have heard of tips such as: turning your shower into a spiritual and physical cleanse, stirring your intention into your morning coffee, and carrying a crystal to match your intention, all of which are helpful and valuable tips! Below, there are several more ways for you to incorporate some low-energy witchcraft into your daily life!

1. Blow Love Onto Your Food

Now, this may sound like a strange title for a tip, but rest assured, it’s one of the lowest-energy forms of magic you can do and you can do it at every meal! Similar to stirring your intention into your drinks, blowing love onto your food is taking the incredibly mundane act of blowing on your hot food to cool it off and adding a sprinkle of magic into it! There have been examples of parents doing this for their children by offering them some food that is too hot for them and telling them that they need to “blow love on it” before they can eat it. As you blow on the food to cool it off, channel all of the love you have (you can also imagine the food being covered with a bright pink, sparkly light) and that you’re eating up all of that love and letting it fill your body. You can choose patience instead of love. Other times, especially if you are doing it for yourself, you can use abundance, prosperity, creativity, etc. This tip requires so little energy but it can help keep your practice at the forefront of your mind throughout the day!

2. Charge Your Crystals/ Sigils/ Jewelry On Your Phone

Being a modern witch means that you have access to a boatload of technology and learning how to make it work for you can be an incredibly useful tool in your magical practices. Something that can be done quite frequently is to use the power from your charging phone, tablet, or laptop to charge your witchy tools! This looks like simply placing said tool onto your device while it charges and allowing it to soak up that energy. While you can certainly do things the old fashion way by charging things under the light of a full moon or the sun, sometimes that setup can take a while and there is nothing wrong with taking a low-energy shortcut.

3. Divination Isn’t Just Tarot Cards

There is a series on TikTok that has gained popularity recently where a commenter asks a question and a man uses a slice of bread to determine the answer (@everyslice). Seriously! If he cuts the bread and it falls to the left, that was one answer and if it falls to the right, that was the other answer. While it may seem silly, that is a method of divination! Whether you believe the bread has the answers or that another power is using the bread to provide an answer, it was a fun and silly way to practice divination. Now, this doesn’t have to mean go and grab your loaf of bread to start asking it questions, but the point is that you do not need to pull an elaborate spread of tarot cards to get the answers you are looking for.

Divination can come in many shapes and forms and when you are running on low energy, something as simple as flipping a coin (either physically or using Siri to help out), holding out your hands, making one yes and the other no, and asking your dog to boop the answer or whatever other method suits your fancy are all valid (and fun) ways to divine!

Just like the Earth, the moon, and other spiritual bodies, you will go through cycles of waning and waxing energy. Be kind to yourself and if you feel as though your practice could use a pick me up, try one of the above tips and see how it goes! Who knows? Maybe you will discover even more low-energy tips and tricks along the way!