3 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Trying To Manifest Your Soulmate

Although the word “mistake” isn’t a word I like to use when it comes to manifestation – after all, like most things in life, success comes when we find a rhythm that suits us, not when we follow the blueprint of everyone else – there are 3 commonalities that stand out when people share with me they’re having trouble manifesting their soulmate.

Let’s dive deeper into each…

Being Too Specific

When you’re looking for a soulmate, it’s important to have an idea of what you want in a partner. However, being too specific can limit your options and prevent you from meeting someone who could be perfect for you, but doesn’t fit your narrow criteria.

For example, if you’re fixated on a certain height, hair color, or profession, you might overlook someone who possesses all the qualities you desire but doesn’t fit those specific requirements. The Universe is trying to deliver them to you but you have tunnel vision on tall, dark, and handsome.

Instead of being overly specific, focus on the qualities that matter most to you in a partner. Think about the values, beliefs, and traits that are important to you in a relationship. When you focus on these qualities, you open yourself up to a wider range of potential partners and increase your chances of finding someone who truly resonates with you.

Not Meeting the Universe Halfway

Manifesting your soulmate isn’t just about visualizing your perfect partner and waiting for them to knock on your door. You have to meet the Universe halfway by taking action and putting yourself out there. This means being open to new experiences, trying new things, and actively seeking out opportunities to meet new people.

One way to take action is by putting yourself in social situations where you can meet new people who share your interests and values. You could join a new club or group, try online dating, or attend events that align with your passions. By taking action and meeting new people, you increase your chances of finding someone who is a good fit for you.

Not Being the Energy You Want to Attract

The energy you put out into the world is the energy you attract back to you. If you’re feeling negative, desperate, or anxious about finding your soulmate, that energy will be reflected in the people and situations you attract.

On the other hand, if you focus on being positive, confident, and happy on your own, you’ll naturally attract people who are also positive, confident, and happy.

One way to cultivate positive energy is by focusing on your own growth and personal development. Fill your days with things that bring you joy, that light you up. When you’re happy and fulfilled in your own life, you’ll naturally attract people who share those same positive qualities.

And to add to this point, take a look at the values and qualities you want in your soulmate and ask yourself, how can I increase these in my own life? Align to the kind of love you want to attract by already being that love yourself.

The Universe is ready to work its magic, it’s your turn to focus inwards, release the how and when, and fill your life with so much joy that a soulmate is a welcomed bonus.