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3 Myths People Believe About Twin Flames

The twin flame destiny is this: you cross paths with someone by fate and come together into a deeply intense, challenging, anxiety-inducing relationship as a means of learning and growing as individual souls. In other words, the twin flame connection is a lesson. There’s a lot of discussion around soulmates and twin flames, and with that, a lot of misconceptions.

Here are 3 myths people believe about twin flames:

You will meet your twin flame.

Unfortunately, not everyone will meet their twin flame connection simply because not everyone has a twin flame in the first place. Michael Newton, Ph.D and author of Journey of Souls: Case Studies Of Life Between Lives, does hypnotic regression sessions to understand the journey and the life of souls across lifetimes. He says that souls choose the bodies and lives they want to live and only advanced souls are able to descend onto Earth and incarnate into two bodies. He also says that for some people, “conscious amnesia can make meeting significant people difficult and we may take a wrong turn and miss the connection at some juncture.” In other words, we don’t always cross paths with our twin flame, either by the destiny of our souls or because we simply do not have one.

Your twin flame completes you.

Twin flames do not make you whole — they are a catalyst for our growth to becoming whole on our own.

Twin flames are a karmic connection known as a mirrored soul. This doesn’t mean that they’re your “other half”, but rather, they show the other parts of you that you’ve suppressed or haven’t acknowledged. For example, if you have an anxious attachment to love, your twin flame will trigger your abandonment wound. This is when you have to go through the therapy work and heal. Twin flames are not the same as you (despite the “twin” aspect), but rather, the complete opposite of you. If you’re more structured, they might be impulsive; if you’re anxious, they might be calm, and so forth.

Twin flames are better than soulmates.

Telling someone you met your twin flame gets more of a reaction than if you were to say you found your soulmate. Why? Because we have many soulmates in our lives (in romance and friendships) and we can only have one twin flame.

However, that doesn’t make them better than soulmates.

They’re both karmic connections, meant to teach us something about ourselves and our lives, but twin flames are deeper — darker, even. The twin flame holds up a mirror (“mirrored souls”) to show your insecurities, doubts, sabotaging behaviors, and issues you don’t want to acknowledge or accept. Twin flames are meant to shed light on those parts of you and bring them to the surface so that you can do the healing work and let go.

Note: Keep in mind that it’s possible to confuse a twin flame for a toxic karmic soulmate. It’s also possible for some people to try and fit their pre-existing partner into the role of a twin flame — this is a good way of sabotaging the relationship, so don’t do that.