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3 Questions To Ask If You’re Still Waiting For Your Manifestation To Appear

Why hasn’t your manifestation appeared yet?! It’s the age-old question when spiritual newbies discover the law of attraction. You feel aligned, you set your intention, you’re vibin’ with the Universe.

And then nothing.

Ghosted. Spiritually left on ‘read’. No manifestation. No sign. Zilch.

Sometimes manifestations can appear in the blink of an eye. We hear stories of people magnetizing thousands of dollars into their bank account overnight or soulmates bumping into each other in the coffee shop queue. 

But let’s be honest, these are anomalies. Most things on your vision board need a little time to come to fruition. Think of it like this: the Universe needs to do a little background work first before your desire can be delivered. Tidying up any energetic blocks still kicking around.

However, what happens when YOU are the energetic block?! Here are three questions to ask yourself if you’re still struggling to manifest something into your life. 

1. Do I believe it to be possible for me?

One of the biggest components to the whole “Ask, Believe, Receive” is actually believing that it’s possible for you to have your desires.

The first point of call is checking in on your self-worth. Do you feel worthy of having your vision board life? If you’re facing resistance to the question “Why don’t you feel worthy?” listen closely to the voice in your head. Does it resemble anyone in your family or friendship group? Perhaps subconsciously you have taken on others beliefs of what is possible for you, rather than your own.

A simple way to shift focus is to list all of the reasons why it IS possible for you to have your particular desire. Why you ARE worthy of receiving it. Remember, where focus goes, energy flows. Plus, whether we ask the subconscious a negative or positive question, it will still go in search of ways to find evidence to support that. Therefore, asking yourself a positive-led question will always bring positive solutions to light.

Another great tip when it comes to believing your manifestation is possible for you is to move up the hypothetical ladder in incremental steps. For example, if your desire is to manifest $10,000 but you struggle to believe an amount like this is possible for you, how about manifesting $1,000 first. And then manifesting another $1,000.

As you begin to slowly move into a new comfort level, what you once thought wasn’t possible before becomes your norm.

2. Am I trying to control the outcome?

If you struggle with trying to control everything around you, the concept of manifestation can feel challenging at times. We can often feel resistance to letting go of the how and the when and trusting that everything will work out how it is meant to.

After all, we go through life trying to control everything around us as a protection mechanism. The more we can control the outcome, the less likely we have to revert into fight or flight mode.

When we begin to manifest, we automatically try to imagine how our desires will appear and when. Take manifesting your soulmate for example. While you’re trying to control someone tall, dark, and handsome appearing into your life, the Universe already knows that your soulmate has blonde hair and if you keep trying to control the outcome, you’ll miss them completely through your tunnel vision.

One affirmation to repeat if you struggle with controlling the outcome is “It’s either this or something better,” knowing that when you release the tight grip you have on your manifestation and trust that it will appear in divine timing, it will either be what you desire or something even better than you could have imagined.

Finally, if the how and when is something you just can’t let go of, then why not open your mind to all of the amazing ways in which your desires could be delivered by making a list—a list of every single weird, wild, and mundane way your manifestation could come to fruition. 

3. Have I taken any action to meet the Universe halfway? 

The last question to ask yourself if your manifestation hasn’t arrived yet is “Have I put the action into the law of attraction and met the Universe halfway?”

While some manifestations can appear with little or no action, taking some form of aligned step forward can help turn your vision board into reality in a much quicker timeframe.

Now, what is the difference between aligned action and just any old step forward? Aligned action is taking a step towards your goal that feels good in your soul. It feels exciting. For example, maybe you’re manifesting a new job and suddenly you get the idea to look on LinkedIn at a former colleague. Aligned action could be sending them an email to say you’re looking for new opportunities.

Or maybe you’re manifesting a certain amount of money. You might suddenly get the idea to start selling some of your artwork. That right there is a download from the Universe. A divine plan to help you put the action into the law of attraction.

Ask yourself, how can you take a step forward today towards your vision board life?