Brandon Woelfel

3 Things Only Women Who Always End Up In Situationships Understand

Here are three things only women who always end up in situationships understand.

1. They understand that detachment from the outcome is everything.

It is important to note that detachment doesn’t mean someone don’t care or that they don’t hope something works out with another person. It simply means that they know they’ll still be okay if a situationship doesn’t turn into an official relationship. And for women who have been in countless situationships, they know they will be just fine on their own. After all, experience has shown them this. Every time a situationship has ended, they were okay. They survived.

2. They understand that the bare minimum will never be enough.

Women who have been in a ton of situationships have come to see that the bare minimum will never be enough to make something last. And because a situationship will only ever give someone the bare minimum, they always end.

3. They understand that they can’t force someone to commit if they don’t want to commit.

Women who always end up in situationships know when to walk away, and this is when it’s time to commit and their situationship gives them a wishy-washy, non answer. After all, women who have been in countless situationships have learned (sometimes the hard way) that if someone doesn’t want to commit to them, it isn’t their job to try and convince them to want to be serious.

Even though these women’s dating luck hasn’t been ideal, they know they’re still learning with every broken heart, and that they are getting closer to finding the real thing each time.