Manifest Everything You’ve Ever Wanted With These 3 Witchy New Moon Techniques

Many people get confused about which moon phase is the most appropriate time to manifest. While it’s very easy to feel inspired by the moon when it’s at its fullest and most visible in the sky, those are the worst nights to try to manifest things into your life. You see, the full moon is actually a time where you are supposed to be reflecting on current aspects of your life and releasing all of that which no longer serves you. The full moon is ideal for banishing spells, charging crystals on your windowsill, and cleaning your home to rid your living environment of unwanted clutter, energy, and emotion. If you try to manifest on a full moon, you will unintentionally end up pushing the things you want to come into your life even farther away from you, because full moons are a time of release. This is why you should absolutely avoid manifesting on a full moon.

The new moon, however, symbolizes new beginnings and is the optimal time to ask for what you want and need from the Universe. The new moon is when you should be open and inviting to new experiences and starting new projects. It is also when you are supposed to set intentions, because it will enhance the energy you put into manifesting the things you want. So, mark your calendar and familiarize yourself with these three methods of manifestation to try out when the Universe is on your side and ready to help you make things happen during the next new moon!

Method #1: The 5/5/5 Technique.

With this technique, you need to think of one specific thing that you want to focus on manifesting, but you need to write it as though you are thanking the Universe for it as if it has already happened. For example, say you really want to manifest a new friendship into your life. You would write something along the lines of, “I am so thankful for this new, healthy friendship that I have made!” Whatever phrase or manifestation that you choose, you need to write it 55 times a day for 5 days straight. While you are writing your affirmation, imagine how you would feel if it was real and thank the Universe for it as though it is already yours.

Method #2: The 3/6/9 Technique.

One variation of this technique requires you to write one specific thing that you are trying to manifest and write it as an affirmation in the present moment. For example, say you want money to come into your life. You would write something along the lines of, “I love having financial freedom and abundance”. You would write this single affirmation three times at 3 p.m., six times at 6 p.m., and nine times at 9 p.m.

Another variation of this 3/6/9 technique, also known as the Tesla Method, requires you to write three different things that you want to focus on manifesting, but write them as affirmations in the present tense. For example, say you want a specific house, a specific car, and a specific job. You would write something along the lines of:

1) “I love living at (insert address of your dream home)”

2) “I love driving my (insert specific car that you want)”

3) “I am so excited to work at (insert your dream job)”

Once you have your three affirmations, you are supposed to read and focus on each affirmation six times a day for nine seconds each. It may sound excessive, but it is really quick and easy, especially if you set alarms in your phone to remind you to focus on your manifestations six times throughout the day.

Method #3: The Two Cup Technique.

This technique is based around the belief that water holds vibration, energy, and memory. What you need to do is take two cups, two sticky notes, and some water. Put a sticky note on each cup. Fill the first cup with water, and on its sticky note, write your current reality. Let’s say you are trying to manifest a new relationship. On this sticky note, you would write what your current relationship status is. Then take a few minutes reflecting on your current reality/relationship status and express that you are grateful for what you have, but that you are eager for more. After reflecting on your current reality, write your desired reality/relationship on the sticky note of the other empty cup. Pour the water from your current reality cup into your desired reality cup. Then spend another few minutes thinking about your desired reality and how you would feel if it was yours. Express to the Universe how thankful you are for this new relationship/thing that you are manifesting, but do it as if it already belongs to you. With this example, you would say something like, “I’m so thankful for this new, healthy relationship with ___” After reflecting and thanking the Universe for what you are manifesting and claiming it as your own, drink the water.

I hope at least one of these manifestation techniques appeals to you, and remember to use them during the new moon, not the full moon. Be safe, and please don’t try to manifest anything that you already know is toxic for you. Happy manifesting!