3 Zodiac Signs That Kill Every Plant They Touch


Aries, with your fast-paced lifestyle, plant care doesn’t exactly fit into your dynamic schedule. Your impulsive nature can lead to overwatering or totally neglecting your plant friends as you dash off to your next adventure. You never intend to leave your plants uncared for, but you often forget about them just because they don’t fall very high on your list of priorities. Your plants need a steady, consistent hand – something that contrasts with your spontaneous spirit. 


Sagittarius, your free-spirited soul often means you’re just not around enough to give plants the attention they need. Your love for travel and exploration can leave your leafy roommates without the regular care they need to survive. Plus, your need for freedom means that it might even feel uncomfortable for you to have plants relying on your care – you can’t dart off on a whim for long if you want your plants to survive! You might be better off with plants that thrive on neglect – your unpredictable lifestyle can spell doom for more sensitive greenery.


Gemini, your ever-changing interests and tendency to juggle multiple hobbies at once can make plant care take a backseat to everything else you’ve got going on. While you might start out caring for your plants with utmost enthusiasm, your attention might shift before you’ve established a solid routine for them. Your plants may struggle to keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle, needing more consistent attention than you’re able to give them.