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3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Happier Single Than In A Relationship


Virgo is someone who is always aiming to become a better and more evolved version of themselves. They thrive when they’re single because it allows them time and space to focus on their personal growth, as well as on their career and passions. This sign is not only driven to accomplish all of their goals, but have a natural proclivity for perfectionism. Virgo needs to be in control over their lives, and without crossing accomplishments off their list, they don’t feel that. For this reason, they relish their independence. It’s not that they’re against relationships or unhappy when they’re committed to another person, but Virgo would rather work toward being their highest self and wait for “the one” than waste their time with someone who doesn’t have all the qualities they desire in a partner. 


Sagittarius isn’t very ready for a serious, committed relationship until much later in life because they want to experience everything life has to offer without anyone or anything holding them back. A relationship just makes them feel confined when they’re still happily exploring the world. They’ve had bad experiences in which partners have tried to control them or become too clingy. Sag isn’t willing to sacrifice their free spirit or the “best years of their life” for the sake of romance. This adventurous and spontaneous zodiac sign has a lot to get out of their system before they’re able to nurture something long-lasting with a significant other. Once they feel ready to take that step, it’s usually with someone who is equally independent or at the very least flexible with their lifestyle. 


Aquarius is happier outside of a relationship because they like remaining control of their independence. For this sign, it’s extremely crucial to live their life on their own terms and to never change who they are. Their biggest fear is attachment and someone constantly relying on them. Aquarius views this as “clinginess.” This doesn’t mean that they don’t desire closeness and emotional intimacy like other people do, but it’s just not on their list of priorities. When Aquarius does make the decision to commit themselves to another person, it’s usually someone like-minded like them and who values their freedom the same way Aquarius does. For Aquarius, the most ideal relationship is one in which both people live their independent lives and come together to build something strong.