3 Zodiac Signs Who Forgive But Never Forget

Few things are as difficult to fully master as forgiveness. Deep down, we all recognize the profound benefits that come with forgiving someone for certain wrongs in the past (even if that someone happens to be ourselves). Learning to accept the heartbreak and pain of yesterday, through forgiveness, we’re able to better focus our time and energy on tomorrow–something that can only come about through acceptance. Try as we might to forgive these previous transgressions, some signs have difficulty moving past these wrongdoings, displaying a more guarded weariness even as they work towards obtaining a more patient and understanding attitude.


You love and thrive off the rigidity of routine. Taking months, perhaps years, to curate a specific way of life, you tend to react violently to the prospect of sudden changes in your daily schedule. It may take you a long time to adjust to brand-new norms, leading you to bitterly reflect on whoever you feel is responsible for upending your way of life. While you might eventually learn to accept these changes, you also remain wary of people’s influence on your newfound way of life, lest you risk the same exact thing happening all over again.


You don’t easily let people into your life, rarely demonstrating outright emotions when it comes to new acquaintances or friends whom you know are prone to gossiping. It may take a while for you to warm up to someone, but once you do, you gradually begin letting your guard down, giving them a deeper understanding of who you are as a person. As rewarding as this emotional output might feel, once a person betrays your trust, you instantly close yourself off again, erecting the same walls and social barriers you previously knocked down. When it comes to future friendships or relationships, you’ll eventually find yourself opening up once again–but you’ll think twice about who you go about opening up to this time around.


You place significant value on trust and understanding, demanding absolute loyalty from your friends and family. To you, the foundations of a meaningful relationship is all about mutual understanding, with Capricorns tending to faithfully stick by their loved ones’ side through thick and thin. As a result, when someone fails to live up to your high standards–betraying your trust or letting you down on a more personal level–you can’t help but feel like a knife has been lodged into your back, forever altering a relationship you once held in high esteem. Over time, you might return to this friendship, but no matter what, you’ll acknowledge that something has fundamentally changed about your connection to this person.