Natalie Allen

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Receive Divine Guidance From Someone New This Month


Taurus, you’re likely to encounter someone who will give you wisdom regarding upcoming changes in your life. You may have felt uncertainty about your professional or romantic life recently; you may also be seeking answers about whether or not you’re on the right path. This month, you’ll run into someone who can help you with these questions. Keep in mind that they may not be there to answer your worries directly; this encounter could be with a complete stranger, and may be brief. Regardless, based on your interaction with them – however small – you’ll receive new information about yourself and your worries.


Libra, this month you will receive a positive life lesson from someone who was sent to give you divine guidance. This lesson will not come from the person verbally, so you’ll have to interpret its meaning yourself. Your interactions with this person will be positive and will leave a lasting mark on you. Some signs to look out for are spontaneous meetings or outings, the urge to do something you’ve never done before, messages from people who have the wrong number or email, and acquaintances you haven’t officially met. 


Cancer, you’ll meet someone surprising this month who will help you with something you’ve been struggling with. You may receive direct help from this person with an opportunity to seek guidance from them again in the future, or they may say something indirectly that causes you to realize something you’ve been missing (particularly in your professional life). Keep an open mind when making new connections this month and don’t be afraid to go out of your way to meet someone new, Cancer.