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3 Zodiac Signs Who Won’t Tolerate A Bare Minimum Relationship

Someone only giving you the bare minimum in a relationship will do the absolute least to keep you around. They’ll always show up 45 minutes late, but at least they came around at all. They’ll be insanely “busy” for three weeks at a time, but at least they called you eventually. Their allure depends on their potential, not who they actually are or what the relationship truly is. It is exhausting.

While some zodiac signs are laxer when it comes to a romantic interest giving them the bare minimum, here are three zodiac signs who would absolutely never put up with a bare minimum relationship.


If there is one zodiac sign who knows its worth, it’s Leo. Leo demands the best of the best for themselves in every area of their life. This is especially true when it comes to their romantic partner. Leo is also deeply loyal and puts all of their heart into their significant other. That said, Leo requires that energy be given back to them in return. If Leo’s energy is not being matched, if someone is only giving them the bare minimum, you can guarantee that Leo will leave and find someone who gives them exactly what they need, and then some.


Scorpio is one of the most intuitive zodiac signs, and they can see right through someone’s excuses and discern their true motives. If a romantic interest is only giving a Scorpio a smidge of effort and makes Scorpio feel unimportant, Scorpio will respond accordingly by cutting the person off with no qualms about it. A Scorpio demands devotion, care, and attention from their partner. The bare minimum just doesn’t cut it.


Capricorn is ambitious and value-driven. Capricorn is all about putting effort into everything they do, including their relationships. This is especially true romantically. A Capricorn doesn’t date for fun; they date for partnership. They want the real thing and won’t settle for anything that isn’t that. After all, Capricorn doesn’t have time in their life plan for their partner to only give them the bare minimum. They need someone supportive and all-in.