William Oliveira

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Guardian Angels Save Them Later In Life

It’s impossible to describe someone’s relationship to their guardian angel. A divine presence in our everyday lives, these angels nurture and guide us through the most difficult or challenging moments, allowing us to gain the internal strength necessary to forge ahead. More often than not, our angels appear to us from a very early age, manifesting themselves in mysterious ways–perhaps through a random gut feeling or a subtle universal sign meant specifically for us. For some astrological signs, however, these guardian angels seem to appear more frequently later in life, our relationship with them strengthening as we grow older, wiser, and more in-touch with the unexplainable aspects of our existence.


Whereas some people take tentative first steps shortly after learning how to walk, you, Aries, preferred running as fast as you possibly could. Falling and scraping your knees throughout your childhood, you learned to shrug off these minor woes, failing to realize that they were messages from your angel encouraging you to slow down instead of subjecting yourself to needless injuries.

As you grow older, you begin to learn from your past mistakes, finally getting in touch with the loving advice of your guardian angel. If you break a bone or sprain your ankle a week before your trip to Kilimanjaro, you take it as a universal sign you weren’t meant to go. Rather than despairing at what wonders you were robbing of seeing, you prefer thinking back to the potential dangers you may have avoided during your journey.


For as long as you can remember, you’ve been the responsible one in your friend group. When other kids took up BMXing as a carefree pastime, you stood by the half-pipe shaking your head. When receiving a late-night invitation to a party, you put your phone on do-not-disturb and set your alarm for your routine morning run. 

Deep down, you have a rigid connection to your inner guardian angel, allowing it to dictate your worrywart mindset from a very early childhood. The older you get, the deeper that connection grows, affording you a richer appreciation for your angel’s unwavering warmth and support.


Throughout the first half of your life, you’ve worked hard to ignore that naggy inner voice ominously warning you, “This may be a bad idea.” In your head, that voice’s only goal was preventing you from living life to its fullest, robbing you of the profound pleasures that come with adventure, excursions, and action-packed journeys abroad.

As you grow older, you start to realize how benevolent that voice’s goals truly were. Far from chaining you to an uneventful life of mundanity, this voice has only asked you to proceed with caution in every one of your daredevil antics, giving you a chance to enjoy your experiences, even as you keep yourself safe while doing so. With the benefit of age, you’ve finally learned to trust that voice, giving you a newfound sense of attentiveness as you embark on your next escapade.