Boiko Olha

3 Zodiacs Who Are Real Life Disney Princesses (With A Twist)

With their seeming innocence, pure souls, beauty, feistiness, and charm, these three zodiacs embody what it means to be a real life Disney princess – with a twist.


With your pure soul, gentle spirit, and love for animals, you’re a real life Disney princess with a heart of gold. Your elegance and grace give you a subtle regality and all are drawn to your friendliness and glowing good looks. Animals flock to you, children stumble toward you in delight, and you are one with nature. Due to your generous nature and love for epic fairytale romance, you’re the “classic” Disney princess, always ready to merge with her Prince Charming and claim her happy ending. At the same time, you have a strong cutoff game for suitors who try you, making you one of the more feistier princesses around. 


Your beauty, charisma, rebelliousness, eternal optimism, and witty sense of humor make you the princess with the most “oomph,” independence, intellectual curiosity, and versatility. You have that je ne sais quoi that makes you stand out apart from others and a beauty that charms at first sight: whether it’s a luxurious mane of Rapunzel-like long hair or bright eyes and a great smile, your uniquely gorgeous features and personality tend to steal the show in any room you’re in. You’re the type of princess that would run away from fairytale love in the search of her own  adventures, only to begrudgingly fall into the arms of your true soulmate. 


You’re the type of Disney princess who will coyly leave a glass slipper deliberately behind at the ball in the hopes Prince Charming comes a-knocking. You excel at all the traditional “duties” of a Disney princess while adding a theatrical flair to everything you do. Dancing at the ball turns into a Broadway performance of a lifetime, seducing your suitors into devoted believers. Flirting and making your dating partners laugh is basically a cardio sport for you. Finding your true Prince becomes a competition of the fittest and the most fun – only one can win, but you enjoy exploring all your options. Your high vibration and “good vibes” mindset make you the Disney princess with the most stamina and enthusiasm for making her dreams come true.