3 Zodiacs Who Are Too Stubborn To Apologize In Relationships
Hannah Busing

3 Zodiacs Who Are Too Stubborn To Apologize In Relationships

Some zodiacs are going to get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness whenever they make the smallest mistake. Other zodiacs are more stubborn. They aren’t going to come out and apologize to you. These are the signs who


Aries are one of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac. Once they make up their mind, it’s hard to get them to change it. This sign also has a bad temper. When they’re upset, they’re going to explode without thinking through the consequences of their actions. However, they cool down just as quickly. They’re able to get over arguments later the same day, as long as they’re able to get their anger out of their system. Unfortunately, it’s rare for an Aries to apologize – at least using their words – because they want to move on from the fight. They want to forget about the problem. Usually, they’ll apologize with their actions. They’ll make it up to you by buying you a sentimental gift or taking you on a thoughtful date. They’ll do the dishes when it’s your turn or surprise you with a massage. They’ll feel guilty about what they’ve done to you, but they probably won’t say the words aloud.


Virgos assume that they’re always right. They believe they’re the smartest person in any room. It’s hard for them to take a step back and acknowledge the fact that they’re wrong because they pride themselves on their intelligence. However, this sign is mature enough to take responsibility for their actions – and to sit down and have an adult conversation with you. They’ll listen to your side of the story and will explain where they were coming from, why they made certain decisions that ended up hurting you. Although they probably won’t come out and admit that they were wrong, they will take your feelings into consideration and do better in the future. They will learn a lesson from whatever went down between the two of you. You might not get your apology, but you will get altered behavior.


Taurus are incredibly stubborn and resistant to change. They like to have things their way and will get agitated when someone tries to change their personality or ingrained behaviors. Taurus aren’t great when it comes to compromising because they don’t want to meet anyone halfway. They are more comfortable keeping things their way – but when they love someone, they won’t want to lose that person. They won’t want to do anything to compromise their relationship. It might take them a while to adjust to the changes, but they will get there in their own time. Their partner simply needs to remain patient and continue standing their ground because if a Taurus is able to maintain the status quo, then nothing is ever going to change. They’re going to keep living life the way they’ve always lived it. Taurus cannot stand change – but it has nothing to do with how much they love you. It has to do with their own comfort levels.