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3 Zodiacs Who Make The Best Social Workers

Social work is a profession that aims to help individuals and their communities meet their basic needs in order to improve society as a whole. Social workers are committed to promoting social welfare, helping people overcome personal challenges, following ethics, and advocating for social and economic justice for those who belong to diverse communities.

Social work is not an easy career but it is a vitally important one. It takes a special type of person to thrive as a social worker. As such, here are three zodiac signs who make the best social workers.

1. Aquarius

Yes, Aquarius hates being put into boxes. However, if there was any one thing that could define this enigmatic air sign, it is their humanitarianism. Aquarius is deeply progressive and endlessly innovative. These attributes coupled with their drive for societal improvement are what make Aquarius an excellent social worker.

2. Cancer

Compassionate, nurturing, and selfless, Cancer makes an incredibly skilled and intuitive social worker. Whether it is dealing with a broken family life, resolving an identity crisis, or overcoming social injustice, Cancer is able to help their clients navigate the most complex and difficult of situations.

3. Libra

Libra is all about justice. As the sign of the scales, Libra is motivated to create fairness and harmony whenever they are able to do so. This, as well as their natural talent for diplomacy and interpersonal relations, makes Libra a wonderful social worker, particularly within community and family settings.